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(The kind with spaceships, not comic book characters)

    Starfire started out as a tactical space combat boardgame back in 1976. The sequel, Starfire II, added fighters to the game and Starfire III: Empires was a basic strategic version of the game. After that came several supplements and new editions. Ultra Starfire, the current incarnation of the game, can be found at the Starfire Design Studio.

    This site is dedicated to the Starfire: New Empires campaign that I was in from '89 to '97. Along the way portions of the Imperial Stafire rules as well as technology from the Starfire Newsletter Communique were used. Taking a page from Director Tim Burton all the designs on this site have been 're-imagined' to fit with the revised third edition (3rdR) and the 3rdR Unified Tech Manual rules. Additionally, an element of Galactic Starfire, the government types, have been incorporated into the various race descriptions. This was done to provide a better description of the races, instead of the stock 'Non-Player Race Decision Matrix response A - G' as found in Starfire: New Empires. :)

Terpla'n/Fendalen campaign races, ships, and background
House Tech/Alternate Tech Page
Fiction Archive (Updated 08/07/22)
Original Art and Scans of old Starfire game covers
Some site-related bio info


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