NOVA's Quarterly Newsletter

Vol. 7, No. 2, Summer 2043


I want my ADQ back! Obviously, I just received my first Pyramid Magazine (which reminds me of the old Space Gamer). It would probably be called The Space Gamer if SJ Games hadn't sold the rights to it years ago. Swift moves down in Austin at times makes one wonder.
    As I said before I want my ADQ back. It had more articles and sections on Car Wars. Heck, it even had vehicle designs and new gadgets. ADQ was a unique magazine, there was no other magazine like it. Made for Car Wars by Car Wars. It's a shame you will only see NOVA's Nightmessenger and The Driving Tigers Newsletter as the only pure Car Wars newsletters.
    On other news the war continues, enough said. This issue will cover NOVA's Racing Championship (our first), a local challenge duel and the Midwest Dueling Regional, along with our other sections.


Several months ago I received a package from Cheryl Stevens (our chapter mob expert) containing an article on frictionless flywheel power plants by her husband Richard. An interesting sidebar to this is that SJ Games rejected printing it in ADQ. Hence Cheryl sent it to us to be published. With it being rather long I decided to devote this issue's NOVA Works to the frictionless flywheel power plant (say that fast five times). Here it is:

Frictionless Flywheels: Want to go fast, really fast? Suppose you want that kind of speed without the noise and air pollution of internal combustion or jet engines. Consider the frictionless flywheel.
    The frictionless flywheel was invented and applied on a small scale in the late twentieth century, but its use at that time never progressed beyond the limited role of a low voltage battery. Its high cost in the initial development made it impractical as anything but a scientific curiosity, and with research funds diverted elsewhere in the riot-torn years that followed, the natural growth of this invention was stunted.
    Now, Stevenson Scientific has taken up where twentieth century scientists left off, bringing the frictionless flywheel to the public at last.

Presenting: The Frictionless Flywheel Power Plant (FFPP) and the Frictionless Flywheel Drive (FFDrive).

The frictionless flywheel system consists of a magnetized shaft of disks magnetically suspended in a vacuum chamber. This shaft is encircled, but not touched, on each end by superconductors (see diagram). When power is applied to these superconductors, a spin on the shaft is generated and continues after external power is cut. Without delving too deeply into the physics, this means that energy is stored within the system and can be drawn on later to power the vehicle.
    FFPPs come in various sizes as standard electric power plants do, but produce more power factors for their size. A single jolt, taking only seconds regardless of power plant size, is all that is required to charge an FFPP. That jolt must be exceptionally high amperage for the larger plants (5 x power factors = amps), so that most current charge stations are not equipped to handle them. Prices for these power plants are also high due to novelty, but both this and the amps problem are expected to fade as their popularity grows. The only other drawback is the relative delicacy of this type of plant. It is recommended that duelists who use FFPPs shield them with component armor. Still, the high output, noiseless running, and lack of dangerous emissions make them the choice of the future.
    Yet another application is the frictionless flywheel drive. In this system, the wheels of the vehicle are suspended on a cushion of magnetic field
around a frictionless flywheel drum and turned by the pull of the spinning magnetic disks within. The result is a constantly accelerating rotation of the wheels that requires approximately a tenth of the power of other drive systems. It actually uses power to slow the vehicle from this natural acceleration. Frictionless flywheel drives are not recommended for in-city driving.
    Only vehicles with electric power plants (either standard of FFPP) may be fitted with frictionless flywheel drive, and doing so cuts the acceleration rate of the vehicle. The advantages are the high top end, conservation of power, and the comfortable ride provided by the extra cushioning of magnetism between the axle and wheel.
    Vehicles may be retrofitted with FFPPs and/or FFDrive, but the process is very expensive, and few mechanics have the necessary knowledge of the system to install it. However, many manufacturers have set their engineers to the task of designing the ultimate frictionless flywheel vehicles for their 2043 lines. Victor Edsel, president of Exclusive Motors, having signed a contract of primacy with Stevenson Scientific, announced the availability of the first of these ultra-fast vehicles. Their White Shark has been produced in a limited quantity for those who are willing to pay a little extra to own what will be known historically as the "Breakthrough Car". Order taking has been brisk.


FFPPs may not use platinum catalysts and superconductors since they are included in the system. The current produced by a FFPP is direct current (DC). Top speed (unless using FFDrive) are figured as for internal combustion engines.

FFDrive also cannot use platinum catalysts and superconductors. Additionally, neither heavy duty brakes nor antilock brakes can be added since they are all ready assumed in the system. They help to lower hazards from braking by one. Overdrive cannot be installed in vehicles with FFDrive. The top speed of a vehicle with FFDrive, regardless of power source (it does have to be electric) is 250 mph. Acceleration is cut by 5 mph to a minimum of 2.5 mph, but the vehicle will accelerate steadily up to top speed if allowed.
    When the driver wishes to accelerate, he applies 1 point of power per 50 mph he desires to travel (l-50 mph = 1 point, 51-100 mph = 2 points, etc.) for the next 10 or fewer miles. The wheels then run on that power for that distance; there is not constant application of energy. Braking (or slowing) causes all power in the wheels to be lost. The driver must, after braking at regular deceleration rates, reapply 1 point per 50 mph of the new speed at which he wishes to travel. For example, a driver could spend 4 points of power to accelerate up to 200 mph within the first 10 miles. The next ten miles, he applies another 4 points to maintain that speed. When he wishes to brake to 100, he brakes at a safe rate of up to 15 mph, then applies 2 more points of power to keep moving at 100 mph (even if his second ten miles of 200 mph was not used up). Because the wheels of a vehicle with FFDrive are not completely attached, the vehicle suffers a penalty of 2 when encountering a hazard.
    The current cost of FFDrive is 30% of the cost of the vehicle's power plant per wheel. All wheels must be fitted to operate the vehicle. Retrofitting with either the FFPP or FFDrive is a very hard task for a mechanic. Any additional skill in physics or electronics, or any training in
installing the system makes the task only hard. Improperly installed FFPPs are a D6 modifier due to excessive torque.

The first of the frictionless flywheel vehicles, the White Shark is the ultimate luxury vehicle. It features all the standard luxury options as well as a completely adjustable, comfort-massage seat with built-in sound system and cellular phone on voice control. Built to look really good going really fast, the White Shark is not meant to stand and fight. It is not expected to last long in lawless areas. Owners are advised to avoid ramming situations if at all possible. Available in silver or platinum.

White Shark -- Streamlined luxury with CA frame, std. chassis, hvy. suspension, 7-space FFPP, 4 solid tires, driver, extra luxury driver position, laser with high-intensity optics in universal 2-space turret, HAVOC, FFDrive, HDSAs, polarizing tinted windshield, IFE. Sloped LRFP plastic armor: F30, L25, R25, B40, T15, U15 (150 points), four 5-point LRFP plastic AWHs, 10 points CA around FFPP. Accel. 10, Top speed 250, DM 1, HC 3; 5,348 lbs., $79,550.


Out where? Out there stupid! Oh, never mind. That's bad, I can't look. New Omaha has a new police commissioner, John Smith. He has vowed to make the Police Department cleaner and better run then at present. City-wide services reacted in shock to the news. Rumors of the Mob leaving the city have been heard. Vigilante activity continues all over the city. Criminals beware! We're looking for you.
    NOVA had a challenge duel at the Armadillo Arena on May 8. The duel was marred by ruleslawyering and poor NOVA attendance. The challengers favored fire weapons where NOVA stuck to it's big guns. When the smoke cleared it was declared a stalemate by both groups. Both groups are attending the Regionals so a rematch is a given.
    The Cybernetic Terrorists have been destroyed after a combined strikeforce attacked their Maine HQ. The strikeforce from DSA, Deathknight, and Toytown suffered minor casualties. Rumors of a Californian base being destroyed have not been confirmed. Chalco is breathing easier and is rebuilding after terrorists and Protectorate attacks on the city.
    G & G has just finished the reinforcing of the New Omaha city walls. The Deathknight returned to the city in January after being assigned to Home Guard duty because of his corporate assets. Gadget and Mech-Master were recalled into active service last September. At last report No Gun is in the Guard's Special Forces and has been on a few missions all ready. God help the Protectorate.

The Regional winners are:

The Dueling details are in "In The Arena" and Racing will be published next issue.


Aug. 28, 2042: G & G Interests CEO Gadget and Chairman Mechmaster, serving in the Nebraska National Guard, are placed on active duty and sent to the Montana border.

Sept. 15, 2042: SWORD assaults and destroys a hidden Protectorate base in Minnesota, doing an estimated $40 million in damage. SWORD earned an award of $800,000.

Sept. 22, 2042: Duelist Ace leads an assault force against a Protectorate supply depot in remote Iowa.

Sept. 30, 2042: The Revenger single-handedly destroys a Protectorate-sponsored cycle gang, capturing 30 Protectorate agents in remote Iowa. He earned a $20,000 award.

Oct. 10, 2042: Hierarch Industries announces that they have captured a very large Protectorate installation in Illinois. Projected reward monies run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Oct. 11, 2042: U.S. Government withdraws letters of marque against Protectorate holdings. Ace Wallace calls the action "bull".

Oct. 19, 2042: General Eddington, offers to make Ace Wallace a major in the U.S. Army for help in Operation Gold Rush. Ace turns the general down, but dispatches Carnage & Caliber to the operation.

Dec. 29, 2042: The newly-rebuilt Imagination Arena is opened to dueling again. Federal EPA inspectors can find no trace of residual radiation caused from the bomb that damaged the arena earlier in the year.

Jan. 1, 2043: G & G Interests CEO Gadget, still on border patrol, announced the formation of GGI Military, a mercenary force created by G & G Interests to aid the U.S. military in the war. He announces the first division will be ready in a month and that each subsequent division will be ready at the end of every month until GGI no longer produces them.

Jan. 7, 2043: The U.S. Government approves GGI's mercenary contract and appoints the units to the Texas-Arkansas boarder, freeing up the U.S. divisions there.

Jan. 30, 2043: The first armored GGI division is formed at Toytown. The next day they arrive at the Texas-Arkansas border.

Feb. 1, 2043: NOTS announces its neutrality during the war. Shortly afterwards ten NOTS members attack a busload of Japanese tourists. To show their intent for neutrality, NOTS attacked a National Guard supply depot. No injuries were reported in either incident.

Feb. 2, 2043: A NOTS spokesperson defends NOTS actions. "We must be fair and impartial in our neutrality. We will attack both sides equally."

Feb. 4, 2043: NOTS barricades Death Knight Industries. Death Knight takes the opportunity to test his newest invention, the Near-Death Machine I. Twenty NOTS members are hospitalized.

Feb. 5, 2043: NOTS announces the end of their neutrality policy. There was much rejoicing.

Feb. 9, 2043: Batman, The Revenger, and The Master foiled an attempt to blow up the I-80 bridge over the Missouri River. The perpetrators were 24 Protectorate commandos, along with eight dueling cars. The battle lasted three minutes, and six Protectorate soldiers were captured.

Feb. 18, 2043: The DeathKnight destroyed an 18-wheeler which attacked him on the outskirts of the Boneyards. There were no survivors from among the truck's crew. The truck was thought to have been sent by a cell of Protectorate terrorists hiding in New Omaha.

Feb. 23, 2043: DeathKnight Industries, Emergency Services Incorporated, Advanced Research Corporation and New Apocalypse Armament Systems all report attacks by Protectorate-sponsored terrorists on their facilities in the Boneyards. Minor damage was sustained.

Feb. 28, 2043: Offutt ANGB was hit by eight 16" artillery rockets equipped cluster warheads. The runways and hangers were severely damaged.  The second armored division from GGI leaves Toytown.

Mar. 3, 2043: Bootleggers take over distribution and sale of the drug "Hellfire" in the New Omaha region.

Mar. 7, 2043: An attempted raid by NOPD against the Raven gang and the Bootleggers fails.

Mar. 8, 2043: NOPD releases a statement alleging the Bootleggers are receiving Protectorate backing.

Mar. 10, 2043: The Revenger is spotted on I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln chasing members of the Raven gang.

Mar. 11, 2043: Three cargo barges on the Missouri River just south of New Omaha were sunk by missile and torpedo attacks from a group of Protectorate fast attack boats. The Coast Guard sank four of the five attackers.

Mar. 12, 2043: The Revenger is spotted north of Fremont, attacking a cycle gang. He was also seen south of Nebraska City later in the day, chasing Protectorate spies, in a different Vengeance Cruiser.

Mar. 14, 2043: The Revenger is spotted four times today, each sighting was within 15 minutes of each other, in different parts of Nebraska and Western Iowa. Witnesses in western Nebraska state that the Revenger was driving a modified sprint car. In northern Nebraska he drove a monster truck, while in Iowa there were two Revengers driving cycles.

Mar. 15, 2043: Acting in concert with the city of New Omaha, NOVA placed all of its members on full combat alert. NOVA president Joseph Ratner also called up the Corporate Attack Force, a group composed of contingents of security troops from all of the corporations in New Omaha.

Mar. 16, 2043: The wreckage of the Vengeance Cruiser was found in a corn field near Ashland, Nebraska. No trace of the Revenger was found. Later on the Revenger was spotted in western Nebraska, southern South Dakota, and northwestern Missouri.

Mar. 20, 2043: NOPD pursuit units destroyed an 18-wheeler that was thought to be heading for City Hall. In order to avoid capture, the crew of the truck detonated the plastic explosives they were carrying. The resulting explosion destroyed the truck, all of the police cars that chased it, and four city blocks surrounding the battle site.

Mar. 26, 2043: A flight of sixteen heavy cruise missiles attacked the Industrial Park. Thirteen were shot down by corporate defenses. Of the three remaining missiles one struck the ruins of Chalco, the other two hit a section of I-80 that runs through the park.

Apr. 1, 2043: U.S. Government declares immediate surrender to Protectorate forces. This was later to be found out as an OOPS prank. The Government fines OOPS $50,000.

Apr. 4, 2043: The New Omaha Police Department reports that it's headquarters building was infiltrated by four Protectorate cyborgs. Seventeen officers were killed in the attack, and thirty-four were wounded. Twelve police cars were also destroyed, including two of the new jet interceptors which were in for routine maintenance.

Apr. 5, 2043: DeathKnight Industries formally joined the Military Production Consortium formed by Blaster Motors, Radius Motors, and Daimschell Tread Works. Other corporations are expected to follow suit in the next few years.

Apr. 6, 2043: The Master killed six members of the Raven Gang who where selling Hellfire to a group of school children. This action earned him a death-threat from the leader of the Ravens. The Master said that he didn't give a damn.

Apr. 7, 2043: NOVA fighters and helicopters defeated a Protectorate air attack on Offutt ANGB. The attack was carried out by unmarked helicopters, and was designed to interfere with the repair work in progress. Twenty-one Protectorate helicopters were destroyed and three escaped at the cost of one NOVA fighter and six NOVA helicopters.

Apr. 12, 2043: The Corporate Attack Force engaged Japanese Protectorate forces in the heaviest fighting yet seen in the so-called "Battle of New Omaha". The fighting lasted more than an hour, and took place in the air and on the ground. Several attempts to reinforce Protectorate ground troops with riverborne assaults were beaten back by the Coast Guard. New Omaha's defenders suffered less than 15% casualties while the Protectorate's forces were routed.

Apr. 15, 2043: The Revenger, patrol, along with Lincoln Police and a G & G long-range destroy a Protectorate supply convoy on I-80.
        NOVA celebrated it's eight anniversary. Old and new members alike joined in the party thrown by the NOVA staff.

Apr. 17, 2043: The cyborg strike group called Protectorate soldiers and vehicles which were battle fought earlier in the day. Old and new members alike joined the CY-7 annihilated a group of thought to be stragglers from a battle fought earlier in the day.

Apr. 24, 2043: In a nationally-televised speech President Culkin issued an executive order stating that, as of 12:0l AM Eastern Standard Time on April 24, 2043 all property of the Japanese Protectorate within the boundaries of the United States is hereby nationalized. The President's press secretary said that the intent is to return ownership of said property to citizens of the United States once the war is over.
        NOVA held it's 2043 Club Racing Championship at the new Waterloo Switchback Race Course. All racers crashed and died before completing the first lap. Another race is planned for the near future to crown a champion.

Apr. 26, 2043: A Japanese Protectorate scramjet fighter crashed near Grand Island, Nebraska after a battle with USAF orbital interceptors. Protectorate agents attempted to retrieve the wreckage, but were stopped by NOVA.

Apr. 27, 2043: Mayor Bill the Cat named John Smith as the new police chief. Slick announced an immediate cleanup and consolidation of police business.

May 1, 2043: Two Protectorate agents, disguised as police officers, infiltrated the emergency medical facility set up at the Veterans Administration Hospital in downtown New Omaha. Once inside, they killed several security guards and set off 100 lbs. of plastic explosives that they have been carrying. The explosion destroyed a large portion of the building and killed more than two hundred doctors, nurses, and patients.

May 4, 2043: Falls City, Nebraska was destroyed by twelve cruise missiles that had fuel-air explosive warheads. The attack was thought to have been carried out by Protectorate-sponsored terrorists. Their reasons for this choice of target are still unknown

May 7, 2043: A large piece of satellite debris fell and struck Chicken Little on the head, killing him instantly.

May 8, 2043: NOVA dueled a local group of duelists to a stalemate. Both groups look forward to a rematch and the regionals.

May 10, 2043: Protectorate agents attempted to assassinate top officials of NOVA and the city of New Omaha today. The attempt was made at a meeting held to discuss the defense of the city. Minor wounds were sustained by those present. All of the attackers were killed.

May 16, 2043: Fifty car bombs exploded at various points in the city today. The bombs had an explosive payload that varied between 150 to 400 pounds of plastic explosive. Heavy damage was done to the municipal power station, the water-purification plant, the municipal airport and the Carter Lake Arena. Several million dollars worth of damage was done around the city. 100 deaths and 200 injured were reported.

May 18, 2043: In a videotape released to the media, the Revenger announces his new Vengeance Corp. Six other Revengers, each driving a different vehicle, have now been confirmed. The Revenger also blames the wreckage of the Vengeance Cruiser I on the Bootleggers.

May 20, 2043: The Police Department is baffled at last night's apparent shoot-out between the Mob and the Ravens. Gunfire was heard and witnessed, yet none of the bodies had bullet wounds. The Police have no explanation yet.

May 22, 2043: "Big" Tony Morallo, known Mob enforcer, was found dead in Lucci's restaurant in Chicago today. Death was by apparently natural causes. A black rose was found in a vase near his body.

May 24, 2043: NOTS members declare that New Omaha is now the center for legal immigration into the Midwest for all members of the Protectorate.

May 30, 2043: The Revenger is back on the road in a hovercraft version of the Vengeance Cruiser.  NOTS collects $9,000 for turning in 18 Protectorate agents too dumb to figure out that the "new immigration center" was a joke.  The third GGI division marches out of Toytown.


Much has happen since the last issue. NOVA is still on for Gen Con, but we will be running tournaments at Pseudo-Con I, Nukecon 3 and next year's regional at Andromeda One. We will not have a tournament at Impact 3 due the con's attitude towards gamers. Next year we will also run a tournament at Contretemps 8. It's going to be a busy year.

Origins '93: July l-4 in Fort Worth, Texas. The Dueling Worlds will be held there, with Ken Scott likely refereeing. Guess who will win the top spot: GHOST or an ex-RCADA member.

Impact 3: July 23-25 in Omaha. NOVA is avoiding this one because of attitude towards gamers.

Pseudo-Con I: August 6-8 in Omaha. NOVA will be running a tournament there. We hope to see SAS Zebra and local duelists.

Gen Con '93: August 19-22 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As announced NOVA will be running "Godzilla takes Milwaukee", a 3-D tank adventure sure to be the talk of the convention as one of the weirdest Car Wars adventures ever. The Racing Worlds will be held here with Craig Sheeley as possible referee.

Nukecon I: October 9-10 in Omaha. NOVA will be running another tournament at this convention. Also another SAS/NOVA challenge site.

Fields of Honor I: November in Des Moines. Possible SAS/NOVA challenge and more dueling action. No con dates, if there will be a con at all. We hope that there is one.

Andromeda One: April 22-24, 1994 in Lincoln. NOVA will be hosting the Dueling and Racing Regionals at this convention. Regional information will go out next January.


This summer offers some Car Wars related films for those interested.

June 18: The Last Action Hero

July 9: In The Line Of Fire

July 16 (?): RoboCop 3

August: Ghost In The Machine

Other possibilities include: Surf Ninjas, Judgement Night, Undercover Blues, and Hot Shots: Part Deux.


On the last day of Gen Con '92, NOVA planned a surprise for Mr. Sheeley in the form of a turnip. Within it was a note informing of the Black Asp's capture by Rodric Sinclair (a.k.a. the Mongoose), and the completion of Operation: No Shoulders. This totally destroyed ASP and its leader in one fell swoop.
    Needless to say we did deliver this turnip to a baffled Mr. Sheeley, who was finally able to open the turnip and the note it contained. To say the least, Sheeley was shocked that we had out-thought him and won. Mr. Sheeley then had to go out to his car and get his 3-D Arch Arena (a very poorly constructed one at that).
    By the time he returned and started getting ready to start the final round of the Dueling Worlds (an hour late), one player, Heath Culp, said he had to leave early. Additionally, Mr. Sheeley allowed the players a chance to choose new vehicles because most of the designs were set up for the Flying Fortress Arena. Mr. Sheeley and Mr. Culp had a little discussion off to one side and returned to business as usual. Needless to say, the Worlds started with the results printed in ADQ 10-3, at which point Mr. Sheeley commented that Mr. Culp out-did Norman McMullen's crash at the 2039 Midwest Regional and announced the Protectorate War.
    It's obvious to several NOVA members that Mr. Sheeley wanted to upstage us and the publishing of Operation: No Shoulders. Months before Gen Con, we'd sent our adventure for Operation: No Shoulders to SJG, but no reply has been received.
    Is this a SJG plot? Maybe. It is known that NOVA has been a thorn in their sides for years; pointing out their glaring errors, only to be ignored. Furthermore, Mr. Sheeley feels threatened by our very presence at the convention, because we expect professional duelmastering, which he lacks.
    Enough said, and so the Protectorate War continues.

NOVA's 2043 Racing Championship
(This article is the sole opinion of Chris French)

A typical NOVA event involves innovative tactics, brilliant planning, and extreme cleverness. The 2043 NOVA Club Racing Championship was an atypical NOVA event.
    One observer was heard to comment, "Those four competitors showed about as much good sense as an animal-rights activist spouting off in front of a rancher's convention." One of the track officials shouted, "'If this is the cream of the crop of NOVA racers, I guess the Grain Blight obliterated more than just the plants'." Booing from the stands lasted for over an hour.
    The focus of this venom was NOVA's Club Racing Championship for 2043. The field consisted of four: Norman McMullen, Don Jacques, John Scheibeler, and Michael Garrity. The event was Division 5 at the new Waterloo Switchback, with rules omitting vehicular weapons. McMullen drove an Improbable R2, Jacques an unnamed subcompact, Scheibeler had a gas-burner subcompact, and Garrity brought a subcompact rail.
    The drivers started four abreast. Accelerating into the opening left-right-left switchback, Jacques and McMullen traded paint. Scheibeler skidded in the Southeast corner, allowing Jacques and McMullen to close with him. Exiting the east-center 180, Jacques again hit McMullen, this time in the rear. Scheibeler came within a point of losing control, but held it together -- barely. At the next 180, McMullen cut Scheibeler out of the inside grove and moved around him. Realizing that his maximum speed would not allow him to remain with McMullen, Scheibeler pushed his engine -- and broke his radiator. He then ran himself into the outer wall, killing himself and confetting his car (acquiring a $50,000 fine for violating Rule 11: no suicide maneuvers). Jacques ran over some debris from the wreck and damaged his tires.
    While all of this was going on, Garrity had bolted from the pack and ran off. He appeared to be on the road to victory. However, he lost it in the Serpentine (a rapid series of five 180 hairpins intended to snare anyone foolish enough to attempt a high-speed run through the preceding series of esses). Garrity waltzed into the trap like a teen-aged character in a B-rated slasher film. He blew into the complex at 130 mph, and managed to make three of the turns. The fourth turn, however, sucked him in, chewed him up, and spat him into a wall. The debris flew again.
    McMullen attempted the Serpentine at 120 mph. He made two turns, then suffered the same fate as Garrity. Jacques was the last to risk the Serpentine's coil. He hit the debris from McMullen's wreck and splattered. The crowd was silent for a moment, then came the booing and the catcalls. Track security was forced to deal with roughly 75,000 extremely annoyed race fans. A brawl broke out in the garage area between the various race teams. Order was restored following a liberal application of paralysis gas.
    Garrity's team demanded a judgment from the race officials as to who won. The other competitors also voiced their claim to the championship. Some pundits believe no champion should be crowned, as none of the drivers survived. Others said the championship should be shared by all of them. The matter was settled a few days later. The officials said, "No one won. They all died".
    The only person who appears to be satisfied with the results is the track's designer, Mr. Colin MacKern. "I designed this track with one thought in mind," said MacKern, "that thought being there's more to racing than just speed; the sign of an intelligent racer is knowing when to slow down. This shows just how intelligent NOVA racers are." (Editor's Note - Chris boasted to no-end during the event on how he navigated this track at 200mph+ without making a control roll. Of course, he was using a true racing vehicle and not a subcompact. He also denigrated the participants for not going fast enough. Indeed, due to the design of the Serpentine, a driver moving even at 60 wouldn't have made it. A track designer who prides himself in contributing to the deaths of racing participants is both repugnant and despicable. Oh, by the way, Chris is a NOVA racer too, so his intelligence is called into question also.)

A rescheduling of the event could not be done due to other commitments. We hope to see everybody at the Regionals.

Racing Championship Vehicles

Improbable R2 (Norman McMullen) -- Subcompact, hvy. chassis,  large PP with PlatCats, hvy. suspension, 4 radial HD tires, driver, plastic spoiler, plastic airdam. Plastic armor: F8, L8, R8, B8, T2, U3 (37 points). Acceleration 10, Top speed 162.5 mph, DM 2/3, HC 5 (6 above 60 mph); 2,527 lbs., $4,857.

Rail Dancer (Michael Garrity) -- Streamlined subcompact rail, std. chassis, small PP with PlatCats and SuperCons, hvy. suspension, 4 racing slick standard tires, driver, plastic spoiler, plastic airdam. Plastic armor: Fl0, L8, R8, Bl0, Tl, Ul (38 points), 10 points of plastic CA around driver. Accel. 10, Top speed 150 mph, DM 1/3, HC 6 (7 at 60 mph +); 1,530 lbs., $4,990.
    Division 10 Option -- Add active suspension, safety seat, and overdrive. 1,655 lbs., $9,890.

Amex TDS4A (Don Jacques) -- Streamlined subcompact, std. chassis, medium PP with PlatCats and SuperCons, hvy. suspension, 4 racing slick standard tires, driver with fireproof suit, plastic spoiler, plastic airdam, HD brakes. Plastic armor: F5, L4, R4, B5, T2, U2 (22 points). Accel. 10, Top speed 162.5 mph, DM 2/3, HC 6 (7 at 60 mph +); 2,300 lbs., $4,942.

Corner Conqueror (John Scheibeler) -- Subcompact, light chassis, 100 ci ICE with 1-gallon dueling gas tank, hvy. suspension, 4 HD tires, driver, plastic spoiler, plastic airdam. Armor: Fl0, Ll0, Rl0, Bl0, T4, U5 (49 points). Accel. 10, Top speed 92.5 mph, DM 2/3, HC 4 (5 above 60 mph); 2,036 lbs., $4,994.

2043 Midwest Dueling Regional
Reported by Norman McMullen

The showing for this year's Midwest Regional was poor. Only four duelists showed up. They were: Michael Garrity (NOVA club champion), Chris French, John Scheibeler, and Norman McMullen. The event was a Division 20 duel at the Armadillo.
    Michael and John started off by dropping spikes and junk. Chris and Norman moved straight out of their gates. John fired and hit Michael's right armor with a laser. Norman and Chris turned toward each other; but didn't fire due to the center building obstructing their field of view.
    John left a line of junk to the corner of the building. Michael, meanwhile, left two rows of spikes to the next building corner. Norman and Chris fired at each other. Norman hit with his ATG, Chris missed with his RL. John hit Michael again with his laser. Norman and Chris traded shots, both missing. Chris started leaving a trail of ice and oil from a corner of the building.
    John turned around into the corner of the arena. Norman went over Chris' ice and oil without losing control. Chris went to the outer wall and stopped his ice/oil trail. Michael closed on Norman, who turned on him. Norman hit Michael with his ATG. Michael "fired back with his three RRs, doing minor damage to Norman's front armor. Norman swings out to avoid Michael, who turns toward him. Michael fires into Norman's left side, then rams at 65 mph. The first kill was scored.
    Meanwhile, John fired his laser at his own junk and set off his mines under it. He then drove through the gap. Chris turned towards the corner and headed for John. At the corner he started leaving another trail of ice and oil. John and Chris rammed head-on at a combined speed of 100 mph. Chris was wiped out.
    Michael turned around and crossed over the ice/oil to get at John. Meanwhile, John did a bootlegger and rammed into Chris's wreck. John then turned to face Michael. They traded several shots, then rammed head-on at 95 mph. John's car was completely destroyed, while Michael lost his RRs and part of his engine.
    Upon checking the vehicles Michael's vehicle was found to be overpriced for the division. It was declared illegal and he was moved to third place. Norman's vehicle was declared illegal for the same reason.

Finishing Positions


The Revanche (John Scheibeler) -- Mid-sized, x-hvy. chassis, large PP, hvy. suspension, 4 SB PR tires, driver, laser front, JD with extra magazine back, MD with napalm mines back, link (MD-SD), SWC. Plastic armor: F100 (bumper spikes), L45, R45, B35, Tl0, U15 (250 points). Accel. 5, Top speed 92.5, DM 1, HC 3; 5,730 lbs., $19,980.

Woe Fighter FP (Chris French): Mid-sized, x-hvy. chassis, large PP, hvy. suspension, 4 solid tires, driver, RL front, ID back, OJ back, 2 links (ID and OJ; RL, ID and OJ), 2 bumper triggers (1F, 1B), SWC. FP plastic armor: F60, L60, R60, B60, T20, U18 (278 points), four 10-point FP plastic WGs. Accel. 5, Top speed 92.5, DM 1, HC 3; 5,759 lbs., $19,546.

Big Gun '40 (Norman McMullen): Mid-sized with CA frame, x-hvy. chassis, large PP, hvy. suspension, 4 solid tires, driver, ATG (with 10 standard rounds and extra magazine with 5 HEAT and 5 HESH rounds), bumper trigger front, HD brakes, HRSWC. Sloped metal/plastic armor: F18/50, L0/50, R0/50, B0/50, T0/19, U0/20 (18 points/239 points), four 10-pt. plastic WGs. Accel. 5, Top speed 92.5, DM 1, HC 2; 5,757 lbs., $24,248 (was formally $19,548).

Warhammer III (Michael Garrity): Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, large PP with SuperCons, hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver, 3 linked RRs (each with HESH ammo) front, 2 linked SDs (each with extra magazine; 1L, 1B), 2 IcDs (1R, 1L), 2 ODs (1R, 1L), 3 bumper triggers (1F, 1R, 1L; right and left bumper triggers connected to respective IcDs and ODs), SWC. Sloped plastic armor: F60 (ramplate), R40, L40, B30, Tl0, U9 (189 points), 4 fake AWHs, 4 fake WGs. Accel. 5, Top speed 90, DM 1, HC 3; 6,600 lbs., $21,029 (was formally $19,828).


Just when you thought it was safe for slang. Wrong again, even more duelslang to liven up that duel.

Leaded: caffinated soft drinks.
Unleaded: non-caffinated soft drinks.
Super leaded: Jolt cola.
GM Special: a car with a gas engine, volatile weapons and non-fireproof armor.
Chicago typewriter: submachine gun.
Italian football: a small bomb or hand grenade.
Whipit Special: sawed-off shotgun.
Hush Puppy: A silenced hand gun used to kill guard dogs and watchmen.
Football Player: A duelist who used grenades.
Frisbee: A vehicle that fails a control roll in such a fashion that it goes flying/rolling through the air.
Slaughterduel: any duel in which 60% or more of the participants get killed.
Nantucket Slayride: Chasing a large, heavily-armored vehicle (AFV, truck, bus, etc.) with a number of smaller cars.
Square Dancing: two or more consecutive D6 turns.


Like the Energizer Rabbit, this section keeps going and going with no assistance at all. Some argue that this section is for music to duel by, others say this section is for music to make you go out and kill something. I say whatever works use it.

Aerosmith: Living on the Edge
The Vapors: Turning Japanese
ELO: Showdown, Twilight, and From the end of the World
The Doors: The End and Light My Fire.
Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb and The Wall
Talking Heads: Burning Down the House
Madness: Our House and One Step Beyond
Weird Al: Nature Trail to Hell, She Drives Like Crazy, and Christmas at Ground Zero
Queen: Another One Bites the Dust and We are the Champions
Michael Jackson: Thriller
Alice Cooper: Road Rats
Blue Oyster Cult: Don't Fear (the Reaper)
Cheap Trick: She's Tight
Trogs: Wild Thing
Tone Loc: Wild Thing
Motley Crue: Smoking in the Boys Room
Beastie Boys: Fight for your right to Party
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Blinded by the Light and The Road to Babylon
George Harrison: Blow Away
The Eagles: Desperado and Take it to the Limit
Golden Earring: Twilight Zone


A new section devoted to those memorable quotes from TV shows and movies.

"Ah Hell, here we go again." -H. Gant: Stroker Ace
"They're dead, Dave . . . Everybody's dead, Dave . . . Yes, everybody's dead, Dave . . . Yes, they're all dead. Everybody is dead, Dave." -Holly: Red Dwarf


I'd like to start the next NOVA Works catalog, but haven't found a volunteer. We're working with SAS Zebra on the bid for Vehicle Guide 4 with a new format in it. Talk of doing a 3-D arena has been discussed, but no progress as of yet. For Gen Con, we've been preparing the "Godzilla takes Milwaukee" adventure. It'll be a scream!

Other projects include a new headquarters, and NOVA t-shirts (so we can stand out at conventions, as if we didn't with our jumpsuits). One member has suggested trophies of club champions. Nice idea, but cost is a major factor against it. For those interested, we have an Great ASP Hunt and Operation: No Shoulders patch.

Hopefully by next issue there will be more to report on.


All ready it's time to button down the body armor and hit the road again. Next issue will feature the Racing Regional, the Gen Con report and the Racing Worlds. More Protectorate War news and what's been happening on the local scene. Isn't life grand?
    NOVA looks forward to meeting more fellow duelists at Gen Con '93. We are planning on holding our club championships in September to top off the dueling season. Until next issue (yes, there will be another). Whew!!

Norman McMullen Timothy Jacques
NOVA President NOVA Vice-President


NOVA Works: Frictionless Flywheel Power Plant by Richard Stevens

10 O'Clock News: Michael Garrity and Norman McMullen

Behind the War: Norman McMullen

On the Track: Chris French

In the Arena: Norman McMullen

Duelslang: Norman McMullen

Combat Rock: Norman McMullen, Michael Garrity, Tim Jacques, Don Viner, Chris French, and John Scheibeler

Quotes: Norman McMullen

Everything else by Norman McMullen.

Typesetting on the ongoing Great American Novel series by Don Jacques.

Editors: Chris French, Don Jacques, Tim Jacques, and Norman McMullen

Are we done yet?

Just a little bit more. Read on.

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