NOVA's Quarterly Newsletter
Vol. 6, No. 2, Summer 2042
    It's summer time and things are heating up nicely. New Omaha has endured well under martial law. High speed and wider horizons have been on our minds lately as we gear up for GenCon/Origins and the World Championships.This includes the Death Knight's grudge match with the Black Asp in a tank one-on-one. Who will win? We're all rooting for the Death Knight.
    We would like to open the Nightmessenger up more than ever before with articles, duelling reports, gadgets and vehicles from around the world. The Nightmessenger may be mainly NOVA, but it also reflects all our correspondence with duellists the world over. So don't be surprised if new sections show up this issue.


    Since Uncle Al has taken another vacation NOVA will keep coming out with new gadgets for duellists everywhere.
Demon Bullets: For LMGs, MGs, HMGs, VMGs, and HVMGs only. Weight as for regular ammo, but costs $300 per round. Damage is 1D6-1, regardless of the weapon firing this ammo. A car hit by demon bullets must accelerate towards the nearest wall. At the beginning of each subsequent turn the player controlling the affected car rolls one D6. On a 6 the demons leave the car and the player can take control normally. **Magic in Car Wars Item**
Tire Shield: $20/4 lbs per point, maximum of 40 lbs per shield. This device is a cure for the age-old problem of losing HC by mounting wheelguards. It is an armored casing which sits around the whole tire, protecting it as if it were a wheelguard, and stops weapon fire on a roll of 1-5 on a D6. Since the shield isn't attached to the vehicle body, it can allow the tire to turn in its full radius. This causes no loss of HC. However, due to the closeness of the shield to the tire as well as the size of the shield regular wheelguards and hubs cannot be mounted.
Virtual Reality Targeting Computer: $6000, 25 lbs. The Virtual Reality Targeting Computer (VRTC) is a high-definition targeting computer that ties in other systems such as radar, infrared and sonar. These other systems must be purchased separately.

    This system creates a computer-generated landscape (or anything else you can think of) that is so detailed that it is difficult to tell it apart from real life. This created reality is projected onto the heads-up display on the inside of the windshield of the equipped vehicle. The VRTC can cancel one vision-obscuring targeting penalty: smoke, weather, etc. It must be declared what penalty is being negated when the VRTC is being used to target and fired on a target. For an additional $10,000 and 40 lbs.

    Full Virtual Reality Upgrade: $30,000, 100 lbs., 1 space. This upgrade to the VRTC makes the whole driving environment in the virtual world. The driver has an unobstructed 360 degree view of his world via a neurolink or a virtual suit. A virtual suit is a jumpsuit that translates a person's body from normal reality to the virtual one. This suit costs $1,000 and is unarmored; one with 3 DP costs $2,000, an IBA version is $4,000, and virtual impact armor is $5,000. The to-hit bonus is +3 and cannot be upgraded further.
Mini-Cannon: To-hit 7, 1D6 damage, 3 DP, $1,000, 170 lbs., 1 space, 10 shots ($20 and 3 lbs. each), loaded cost $1,200, loaded weight 200 lbs; loaded magazine costs $250 and loaded magazine weight 45 lbs. HEAT and HESH ammo available at the appropriate costs. 1" Burst Effect.


    On the world front rumors are flying that the infamous World Champion Mike Montgomery is on the comeback. Reports of him winning the Free Oil States Regional are giving the rumors some basis in truth. Remember that he still has to go through one of the preliminary rounds to get to the final round in the Worlds.
    On to Regional news. In the Central Regional Tim Jacques won for the fourth time in five years. Also a new regional event, racing, was held and was won by Chris French.
    ASP was recently trashed twice at the Topeka Airfield. In their own aircraft GNATS, the National Guard, and the Road Kill Cafe downed two flights of ASP Mambas which were dodging tornados at the time. Sounds like Mother Nature is out to get the Black Asp as well. I have a feeling this battle could go on for awhile since the bulk of tornadoes is yet to come. We'll keep you posted.
    On the local front Bill the Cat was elected Mayor of New Omaha, right after the resignation of Brian Faulkner. The city is still under martial law and continues to rebuild. Monster vehicles have been banned for civilian use within the city limits.

    The Police have deputized a portion of the Apocalypse Armament Systems and their vigilante vehicles. In a bold move Police Chief McGland deputized The Batman, Elvis, The Black Avenger, and The Black Rose.
    In Battle, Nebraska things are looking up with reconstruction on schedule. The Triple Death Arena has reopened.
    Chris "Dr. Strangelove" French has recently earned another nickname: "Mr. Spring". He has won a series of victories at various arenas as well as the Racing Regional. NOVA always needs new blood to keep us at our peak (blood is tasty and goes well with hamburgers, yum yum).
    The Mob and ASP forces in the city have gone to a low profile in their operations. Rumors of the new vigilante, The Black Rose, have yet to be confirmed. Lately their has been few mob and terrorist-related arrests. Another rumor is that there's a new cyber virus affecting cyborgs nationwide. A few of the local cyborgs haven't been seen in awhile, so it's unknown whether they have been affected in any way.


    March 2, 2042: OMEN sold its headquarters to the Department of Liberation. Nothing is known about the Department of Liberation or its purposes.
    March 11, 2042: The city council voted to move the city jail to Fort Calhoun. Deathrow, terrorists, and gang inmates will be dropped within the Fort Calhoun walls to live out their sentences. The radiation and mutants are sure to make the inmates lives' interesting.
    March 12, 2042: The city purchased the Fort Calhoun ruins from Doc.

    The DGAG Legion of reinforcements arrived at Offutt NGB. A total of 16,000 men with tanks, helicopters, airplanes, and APCs were unloaded. The legion will reinforce the city defenses and will secure eastern Nebraska.
    March 13, 2042: The NOPD dropped the first deathrow inmates in the new Fort Calhoun Corrections Facility.
    March 18, 2042: A DOL force of four vehicles attacked a GNATS convoy on west I-80. Of the survivors three were ranking officers. Interrogation revealed that they knew sensitive information on the mob in New Omaha.
    March 19, 2042: DOL declares war on the mob in New Omaha.
    April 4, 2042: The Death Knight paid an undisclosed amount to replace the destroyed Urban Justice monster vehicle.
    April 10, 2042: The Impersonator, a monster pink caddy, tried to run over Elvis. Elvis's comment was "Missed Me".
    April 11, 2042: An unnamed Elvis fan filed a lawsuit against The Impersonator for the destruction of his pink caddy.
    April 15, 2042: NOVA headquarters reopened. Joseph Ratner said it is 75% completed and ready for use again. He expects final completion by June.

    NOVA celebrates its 7th anniversary.
    April 20, 2042: New Omaha is hit by a late snowstorm. A total of 9 inches of snow slowed the city to a stop.
    April 21, 2042: The NOPD tested its new jet interceptors in an alternate role. They were fitted with skis and spiked tires. They cruised Dodge, Center and L streets at low speed with afterburners on to aid in snow removal efforts. The test was an overwhelming success.
    April 25, 2042: Two flights of ASP aircraft tried to attack Topeka Airfield while tornadoes were wrecking said field. GNATS shot down the first ASP flight. The second flight was intercepted by GNATS, the Kansas National Guard, and the Road Kill Cafe. After the battle three GNATS aircraft surrendered to the Road Kill Cafe.
    April 28, 2042: The Chaos Autoduelling Team (CAT) joined NOVA at a special ceremony. Joe Ratner welcomed CAT into the NOVA ranks, including the Grim Reaper.
    April 30, 2042: The owner of Flash Amusements, Steve Rory, and several employees were found dead. Clues at the scene linked them to the mob. The vigilante Black Rose is suspected in these deaths.
    May 1, 2042: The owner of Weld-Tech and several of his employees were found dead with information linking them to the mob found near them. The Black Rose claimed responsibility.
    May 3, 2042: The owner of Devilin Imports and his employees join Weld-Tech and Flash Amusements in the grave.
    May 4, 2042: Anna-Fortuna's Mortuary and Flowers makes it a quartet of businesses with mob ties that has found itself in an early grave. The bodies were found in coffins along with proof linking them to the mob. The Black Rose said it was in self-defense that the killed the "suspects".

    Also on this date the city council was elected Mayor of New Omaha by the city council to replace Brain Faulkner.
    May 5, 2042: The city took over Apocalypse Armament Systems after that company's refusal to deputize their vigilante force. In similar news the NOPD deputized The Batman, Grim Reaper, Elvis, The Black Rose, and the Black Avenger.
    May 6, 2042: A monster truck was destroyed when it was caught pet hunting by police officers. Rumors of somebody restarting the Pet Patrol was mentioned.
    May 7, 2042: The NOPD banned the use of monster vehicles for civilian use in city limits. Anyone found violating this ban will have said vehicle impounded.
    May 11, 2042: DGAG and Radius Motors announced the mass production of hydroxide-engined vehicles. The first cars rolled out to show rooms in New Omaha.
    May 13, 2042: The National Guard impounded AAS's newest prototype airplane after an illegal flyover of New Omaha. The city fined AAS $1,000,000. Both the city and National Guard reported simulated kills of the AAS airplane.
    May 22, 2042: The NOPD, LPD, and Nebraska State Patrol rolled out their hydroxide-powered patrol cars (provided by DGAG and Radius Motors) for their first day on patrol.



    Our summer and fall convention calender looks busy with GenCon/Origins.
July 24-26, 1992: Impact 2 at the Old Mill Holiday Inn in Omaha. Chris McCubbin will be the gaming guest of honor.
August 20-23, 1992: GenCon/Origins '92 at the MECCA Center in Milwaukee. Both World Championships are going to be held there along with the NOVA grudge matches.
October 10-11, 1992: Nukecon 2 at the American Legion South Omaha Post #331 in Omaha. NOVA is planning to run a 24-hour convoy adventure for a world record.



    Summer's here, I believe. Nebraska weather makes the seasons hard to distinguish from each other. One sign to tell that it's summer is the movies.
June 19: Batman Returns.

Summer: Robocop 3 (video release?).

July: Universal Soldier.

August: Army of Darkness (tentative).

Fall: Bladerunner (Ridley Scott's cut).



    More progressive duelling thoughts for those high-minded duellists everywhere.
Null-G Duelling: anti-gravity cars duel it out in the arena and on the roads. Maneuvers would be handled either as helicopters/VTOL or hovercraft. I personally prefer for helicopter/VTOL movement (less gaming mechanics involved). This is high-tech Car Wars and should be considered for the future (like 2142).
Marathon Session: Car Wars on long play, with sessions lasting anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Either large arena duels or extended convoy adventures (coast to coast). NOVA is planning an attempt at a world record session at Nukecon 2 this fall.



    From time to time NOVA asks questions of the duellists to find out what's on their minds. Several issues back we asked what were your best and worst weapons, accessories, and supplements. Here are the results.
Best Offensive Weapons:

1. Tie between the VMG and BC.

2. Tie between MG, ATG, TwL, and AC.

3. Tie between RR and OG.

Worst Offensive Weapons:

1. Rockets of all sizes and launchers.

2. Vehicular Shotgun.

3. Tie between the MF and lasers.

4. Tie between the MG and GG (surprise!).

Best Defensive Weapons:

1. Flame Clouds of all types.

2. Tie between FOJ and SD w/explosive loads.

3. Junk dropper.

4. Tie between SS and all dischargers.

Worst Defensive Weapons:

1. Tie between SD and DSP.

2. Tie between PS, OJ, and ID.

3. Tie between JD, SS, and MF (surprise!).

Best Accessories:

1. All targeting computers.

2. Component Armor.

3. Tie between spoiler/airdam and all fire extinguishers.

4. Tie between smart link, HD brakes, and no-paint windshield.

Worst Accessories:

1. Armored Beer Refrigerator.

2. Mini-Safe.

3. Big tie between sound system, rocket magazine, bollix, computer gunner, and fire extinguishers (surprise!).

Best Supplements:

1. Road Atlases 2 through 5.

2. Dueltrack

3. Tie between Convoy, Truck Stop, and Vehicle Guide 2.

4. Arena Book.

    Some people filled out their own sections, such as handweapons and worst supplements. The best and worst handweapons will be covered in Questionnaire 3, soon to be sent out. The worse supplements by additional comments are: Muskogee Mayhem, Vehicle Guide 3, and any supplement done by Craig Sheeley.
    One questionnaire was thrown out due to non-relevant comedic answers. Many sections had too many answers to be included. I was mildly surprised that some weapons, etc, ended up on both best and worst lists.


In The Arena
The 2042 Central Regional
By Norman McMullen

    On April 4 at the Southtown Arena the duellists of the Central Region gathered together. They were: Don Jacques, Chris French, Tim Jacques (three-time winner and defending champion), Norman McMullen, Shea Montgomery, and Matt (last name unknown).
    The duellists were assigned their gates and entered the arena at 30 mph. Don and Shea went head-to-head with Don scoring heavy damage with his HVMG while Shea hit with three laser-guided RL rounds. Chris turned towards Matt and opened up with his two laser-guided RLs into Matts left side. Matt dropped two mine loads to his rear to discourage pursuit and to make maneuvering in his part of the arena difficult. Norman hit Matt's front with an effective BC hit. Meanwhile Tim headed towards the center area.

    Shea and Don traded shots again, doing notable damage to each other. Chris and Norman fired upon Matt, damaging him heavily. Tim joined in by hitting Matt's front with his VMGs. The armor caved in and Matt was finished. Shea and Don angled away from each other, and Norman headed for Shea. Chris rounded a corner and faced the now-oncoming Shea and traded shots. Tim joined in the merry spree by going after Chris while Norman continued to chase Shea. Shea suffered two solid hits to the rear. Tim shot and did considerable damage to Norman's right front tire in passing. Tim also dropped four linked flame cloud dischargers in front of Norman. In response Norman turned on his oil jet and turned toward the inside section of the arena.

    Don joined the action again by hitting Norman's front, doing minor damage. Norman's return fire did fair damage. Chris headed to intercept Shea at one end of the arena. At the NW corner they caught up to each other and traded shots, heavily damaging each other. Chris rammed Shea's left armor, doing enough damage to render Shea unconscious. Shea's vehicle then collided into a wall, destroying the front weapons, effectively removing him from the fight. While all of this was occurring Norman left a trail of oil in the arena center's SW corner.

    Norman turned towards Chris. Chris closed to point-blank range to finish off Shea, but before he could do so Norman fired, doing heavy damage to Chris's left side. Realizing that the next shot could finish him Chris surrendered to Norman. In less than twenty turns the duel was down to three potent fighters. Top speeds reached between 90 and 100 mph as the duellists tried to get to each other, avoiding debris and other obstacles along the way. Tim managed to maneuver behind Norman and shot out his right rear tire. The resulting skid took out Norman's damaged right front tire and the car collided into a wall. Norman surrendered to Tim.

    Tim caught up to Don and shot into his rear armor, destroying it and the power plant in the process. Don surrendered quickly to Tim. Victorious, Tim cruised into the Winner's Circle in his battered Trapshooter, the fourth time in five years for this duellist. Tim "The Weasel" Jacques announced his retirement from the regional circuit. He still will duel on the World level, he announced later.

Placement and Vehicles
1st - Tim Jacques in a modified Trapshooter

2nd - Don Jacques in a modified Cannon Ranger

3rd - Norman McMullen in a Blastfighter IIJ

4th - Chris French in an Agincourt

5th - Shea Montgomery in a Navigator

6th - Mat in a Hotshot MG variant.


On The Track
The 2042 Central Racing Regional
By Norman McMullen

    In this new event to the regional circuit there were only two contestants: Chris French and Norman McMullen.
    Held at Bluffs Drag, the first heat saw Chris beat Norman by several car lengths at the speed of 285 mph. Elapsed time was 6.2 seconds. In the second heat Chris switched cars, going to a rocket-powered funny car. Norman chose Chris's car from the previous heat. Both cars pushed acceleration from behind the Christmas Tree. By the second turn Chris's car chassis was bent and the vehicle became undrivable. Norman finished the run in 6 seconds at a speed of 300 mph.

    In the final heat, held at the Radius test track in Lincoln, both racers brought in Can-Ams. For the first 14 laps the racers traded paint (sideswipes that did no damage) at 175 mph. At the beginning of the final lap Chris hit his nitrous oxide and started to pull away. As Chris pulled ahead Norman fired two MFRs, scoring numerous hits. Chris took major damage but didn't lose control.

    With the checkered flag waving Chris, doing 262.5 mph, and Norman, a quarter lap behind, won the Racing Regional. All designs have been classified by Radius Motors for future use in the Worlds.


European Report
By Stephane "Alias" Galley

    On the arena corner a group I was in had a really hot night at the NBDA. The event was a Division 40 race with some special rules: no ram plates, no carbon-aluminum frames and racing bodies, no tire shots, and no dropped weapons. The goal was to complete any three race rings . There were nine competitors. No shooting was allowed until all the vehicles reached the center ring. Two cars literally rocketed to 75 mph in the first second while another entered with a 25 foot trailer with two 4-space turrets.

    Mayhem occurred when I t-boned a car going 140 mph. Tough luck for him as my A/P HRs hit him and the resulting hazard sent him into a roll and then against the wall. Can you spell confetti? Then one of the rocketeers crashed at 180 mph into the trailer. The turrets proved to be fakes, but it carried 8,000 pounds of junk, causing a recording-breaking 472 points of collision damage. Confetti II: The Return.

    Now the arena was littered with debris, especially the center where the second confetti took place. I was smiling broadly since I was the only one with solid tires. The others had racing slicks or standards, believing that they were safe because tire shots were forbidden. Three more cars lost all or most of their tires by driving on dozens of debris and obstacle counters. I laughed, but I was wrong.

    One car went into a roll in a corridor at 120 mph due to a stupid maneuver. Unfortunately I t-boned the car and pushed it against a wreck, then against a wall. Confetti III: The Mission. This time my front armor was gone, and so would've been my engine if I hadn't put a roll cage and 10 points of component around the front HRs. Damage did get through and I rolled a REALLY BAD Fuel System Failure. The engine shut down after five seconds and I had completed only one ring. I let my car come to a stop.

    Eventually I ended up in fourth place after missing the last moving vehicle with my two rear-mounted HRs. The bastard was doing 120 mph. He won by getting out of his car, brushing aside the debris, and completing his third ring on foot.

    Lots of fun, but a rather slow game: two beginners, nine players, high speeds, and bits of rule-lawyering. But I guess that's the case everywhere....



    This issue has more slang then we've had for some time. Thanks to Stephane Galley sending some slang from the Driving Tigers/Road Wolves. So sit back and have some chuckles.
Battleship Bomber: The BB-17B in Aeroduel. It has the strangest designation in history. Is it a battleship (BB naval term) or a bomber (B air force term)?
Brick: A heavily armored car. Examples are the Navigator and Blastfighter.
Lightcycle Turns: 90 degree bends done regularly. See the move Tron for an example.
Powder-Puff: Any event where the killing of peds is forbidden. (SWORDS term)
Vikings: Cyclists, "Bikers" especially.
Viking War: Cycle event.
Viking Battle: Any event that has a mass of bikers in it.
Viking Raid: Peds vs. Bikers event (like Midville).

    Now from the Flying Tigers Slang Files:
Soap: Hovercraft. Anyone who chased a wet soap bar on the bottom of one's bathroom knows why.
Soap Opera: Hovercraft convoy.
Mosquito: Small, fast, lightly armed and armored vehicle.
Bluefly: Police helicopter or any Police vehicle.
Dino, Hippo, or Rhino: Any vehicle over 20,000 lbs.
T-Rex: Combat truck or RV.
Chernobyl: Nuclear power plant.
Donut Hunting: Looking for a restaurant.
Electron Cafe: Any recharge station.
Zoom On: Aim at a specific (usually same) target.
Flatliner, Roadkill, Teckel: Flat, aerodynamic vehicle. The last two names are quite insulting.



    This has become a very popular section among our membership. Everyone likes to duel to music. I guess destroying a foe in three quarter time helps.
"Viva Las Vegas" by ZZ Top.

"Happiness is a Warm Gun" and "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" by The Beatles.

"Vision Thing", "Ribbons", and "Doctor Jeep" by Sisters of Mercy.

"Earth Inferno" album (live) by Fields of the Nephilim.

"Dreamers in Metropolis" by Anne Clark.

"From out of Nowhere", "The Right Thing", "The Morning After", and "Woodpeckers from Mars" by Faith No More.

"Ram it Down" and "Blood Red Skies" by Judas Priest.

"Rage for Order" album by Queensryche.

"Out of the Sun" album by Joey Tafolla.

"Streets of Fire", "Lost Passion", and "Painted Love" by U.D.O.

"Red Sector A" by Rush.



    As a surprise to everyone this showroom is up in the air, so to speak. To this end we present you with four helicopters.
Super Apache Warlord: Standard Helicopter w/NOTAR, 2 hvy turboprops w/55 gallon duelling gas tank and inflight refueling tube, super PP, pilot, gunner, universally mounted high intensity TwL under, AC front, MML w/AP load rear, ITL front, 2 VFRPs and 2 AAMs in EWPs facing front, 2 cyberlinks (pilot to TwL, gunner to ITL), IR system, LGLs for VFRPs, IFE, 2 pairs of maneuvering foils, improved tail assembly, 3 extra rotor blades, IFF system, surge protector, autopilot w/software, computer navigator w/1 card. Extra pilot controls, radar detector, 2 radar jammers, 2 safety/ejection seats, tinted/no-paint windows, 2 hi-res computers, LD radio, radar, 2 particle inlet filters. Metal/FP plastic armor: F20/82, L15/76, R15/76, B15/76, T10/70, U16/81, 10 points of FP armor for each EWP and maneuvering foil. 10 Points of rotor armor. Accel. 20, top speed 287.5, HC 2; 22,969 lbs., $432,130.
AH-3A Assault Copter: Standard Helicopter, standard power plant w/PC & SC, pilot, gunner, 2 VMGs linked front, VMG in universal turret under, smart link for VMGs, cyberlink - gunner to turret VMG, 3 incendiary VMG magazines, 1 HD VMG magazine, 3 magazine switches, fire extinguisher, IR system, 2 hi-res computers. LR metal armor: F15, L14, R14, B14, T14, U15, 10 points of rotor armor. Accel. 5, top speed 162.5, HC 2; 13,620 lbs., $155,340.
    EAH-3 Option: remove front VMGs, magazines, fire extinguisher, hi-res computers and smart link. Add AC front, cyberlink - pilot to AC, stealth system, sound system, sound enhancement, searchlight front. Top speed 165, 13,210 lbs., $182,000.
Whirlwind: Standard Helicopter w/CA frame, super power plant w/PC and SC, pilot, gunner w/extra driver controls, VFRP in universal turret under, 2 extra magazines (all rockets are AP), IRMTL in turret, LGL for all rockets, IR laser rangefinder front, neurolink targeting system (to VFRP), cyberlink (to EWPs), image enhancement, telescopic optics, military radio, military radar, radar detector linked to radar jammer, autopilot w/2 software packages, computer navigator, surge protector, retractable landing gear, concealed stabilizing rotor w/10 points of FP armor, improved tail assembly, blade airfoils, 2 pairs of jettisonable maneuver foils w/10 points of armor for each foil, 10 points of FP armor on main rotor, tinted/no-paint windows. LR metal/FP plastic armor: F20/15, R20/15, L20/15, B20/15, U20/15, T15/10. Accel. 5, top speed 232.5/242.5 without EWPs, HC 4; 15,740 lbs., $367,450.
    Standard EWPs: add 2 4-space EWPs, each with a long barreled AC w/HD ammo, auto-stabilization and 10 points of FP armor on each pod. Add 3,180 lbs and $41,500 to the copter.
    Heavy Armor Option: Add 39 points of LR metal and 95 points of FP plastic armor. Add 4,080 lbs and $8,918 to the copter.
Apache Warmonger: Transport Helicopter, standard power plant, pilot, gunner w/cyberlink to HL front, pulse IRHL in universal turret under, 2 2-space EWPs each with 2 100 lbs bombs and 5 points of armor. Armor: F50, L40, R40, B50, T7, U40. Accel. 5, top speed 145, HC 1; 11,999 lbs., $164,945. Cargo capacity: 17 spaces and 1,000 lbs.


Gregory Von Schmeerheim
Interviewed by Barbie Binkers

    When you say the name Gregory Von Schmeerheim nothing rings a bell. Even to me I don't know Mr. Scheermheim from my hairdresser. Well, actually my hairdresser's name is Gregory, and he's German, and he makes the most wonderful torte cake... but that's neither here nor there. But most Midwesterners know him as the head of G & G Interests, the new weapon design concern in New Omaha. Well, anyway, he's such an up-and-coming star that my editor insisted that I interview him.
Barbie Binkers (BB): Well, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have this interview.
Gregory Von Schmeerheim (GVS): Mm.
BB: So, I'm sure our readers are dying to know the who, what, why, and how about you.
GVS: When.
BB: Well, now of course.
GVS: No, you forget when.
BB: Oh. So tell me, where were you born, where did you grow up, and all that sort of stuff?
GVS: Omaha, Nebraska, 1962.
BB: You look pretty good for an eighty year old man!
GVS: Yes.
BB: Is it true what the tabloids say about you having a time machine?
GVS: (Smirks) Now where did they get that idea? To put that rumor to rest my presence here does have something to do with time travel, though not necessarily using a time machine.
BB: Oh. (Shrugs) So what schools did you go to? Did you play sports? I'm sure with those shoulders you were great in football.
GVS: It was wrestling. Omaha Burke.
BB: Any colleges? Don't tell me you didn't play college football!
GVS: Okay, I won't. I went to college to show that I knew more than they did. I graduated with a masters in engineering sciences after three years. I had no time for sports.
BB: How did you learn all your know-how then?
GVS: I learned most of what I know from different places and from the adults I knew who were willing to teach me. Also I have an intensive understanding of mechanics. By the time I entered high school I knew more about mechanical, electronic, and chemical processes than most college professors.
BB: So what did you do after college?
GVS: Wartek Industries picked me up and I signed a five-year contract with them. But after two years I'd had enough with designing new ways to destroy millions of people with one shot. I wanted out.
BB: You reneged on your contract?
GVS: I did more than that. My escape from the Wartek compound cost them several million dollars in damages and eventually led to Wartek's bankruptcy in 1990.
BB: So what happened after that?
GVS: After Wartek a few friends invited me into a private club for freelance operatives.....
Mike Davis (MechMaster) (MD): Adventures, Greg; we were adventurers.
GVS: She's interviewing me, not you.
MD: Just get your facts straight.
GVS (to BB): We formed the Midwest Avengers in 1984. In those days vigilantes were frowned upon, so we quickly got special deputy status from the government to fight regional security threats and other crimes.
BB: I don't remember hearing anything about that.
GVS: Most of our exploits were kept hidden from the public at our request. Secrecy is the best way that operatives work.

BB: You've been doing that since 1984?
GVS: No. In 1990 when Wartek folded I was able to pick up their assets in a government auction. I kept the name and started the company anew.
BB: When did Wartek became Gadget's Gadgets?
GVS: It didn't.
BB: Then what happen to Wartek?
GVS: In 1987 the Midwest Avengers ran into a mad scientist who had invented a working prototype time machine. We used it to come forward to 2037.
MD: Bullpucky! We were pushed in! It was only sheer luck that it was only set 50 years into the future!
GVS: Mike, get out.
MD: No, this is too much fun.
GVS: (sighs) When we came here we thought we might be stuck for a while. SO I retrieved a few Swiss accounts...
MD: (to Barbie) Do you have any idea how much interest accrues after 50 years? No, I see you don't.
GVS: ...and we started building gadgets for the autoduelling public. That's how Gadget's Gadgets got started.
BB: But what happened to Wartek?
GVS: A few years later a portal opened up where we expected it would. The business wasn't doing well, and we decided to clear out. We went back to 1987.
MD: Ward had only just figured out the time machine. To him, we'd only been gone for a few hours.
BB: I remember you saying that you didn't like designing weapons. So why did you build Gadget's Gadgets?
MD: Oh my Ford, it thinks. Will wonders never cease?
GVS: (chuckles) I said I'd had enough of designing weapons of mass destruction. Individual-scale weapons are a different story.
BB: So then what happened?
GVS: In 1992 we came forward in time again to catch up with Wartek, which had been prepared for the 50 year delay. Over cover story was we'd been rebuilding Tecumseh, Nebraska into Toytown. Toytown was built in three months, not four years, because we had moved the entire Wartek compound underneath Tecumseh. On the second trip I brought my girlfriend, Dr. Felicity McNeil, AKA Warsprite.
BB: Didn't you have a duelling career?
GVS: On the first trip, yes. Mike and I were duellists for a while.
BB: So why did you guys stop?
MD: Because a genetic quirk in our bodies prevents us from being cloned.
GVS: I'm told it exists, but it's very rare. People with this condition are forbidden to enter death sports.
BB: So tell me about Guns & Gadgets.
GVS: That title is obsolete. As of March 1, 2042, Guns and Gadgets became G&G Interests, with headquarters in Toytown, Nebraska. Ever since then our stock has been on a constant rise on Wall Street.
BB: What about Toytown?
GVS: I can't really go into too much detail about Toytown, because it would take up too much space. Toytown was built to be the facility where G&G and it's corporations would be headquartered. All personnel and production facilities will be located there. In practice, it worked out very well. All necessary functions of a modern city are contained within Toytown.
BB: Aren't there any houses? Any tri-d theaters? Malls?
GVS: I know that the view of Toytown from my window shows featureless gray buildings. But like an iceberg most of our facilities are located underground.
MD: Done for security reasons. We've already had one nuclear attack here. If it had gone underground...
BB: A nuke!? Come on, I didn't see anything that could suggest...
GVS: It was actually a crude nuclear device, and the explosion was contained within the Imagination Arena. It's only been a few days since we've been able to enter the place. It looks like we'll have to scrap the interior and rebuild because of the radiation.
MD: And after lunch we do the impossible.
BB: Imagination Arena?
GVS: A similar arena, Magistar, was located outside of Omaha. But it dissolved before we left.
BB: Wasn't Magistar the arena that could change it's duelling area?
GVS: Imagination Arena does the same thing, through the use of holograms, movable walls, gravitic generators, and magnetic force fields.
MD: It's like one BIG holodeck...
BB: Oh, you guys watch Star Trek repeats also?
GVS: Unfortunately, that nuke destroyed the interior walls of Imagination, and all the gravitic and magnetic generators were destroyed as well. The EMP fried the holographic equipment. The radiation made everything but the exterior walls glow in the dark. We have to rebuild everything again.
MD: Like that's going to be hard.
BB: So what do you do in your spare time?
GVS: Spare time? What's that?
MD: We don't have any spare time these days.
GVS: Still, it's nice to have a purpose again.
BB: Well, I guess that's about it for the interview, unless you guys have anything else to contribute?
GVS & MD: No.


    This section has been kicked around for years. Depending on the response it may become a regular addition. The title suggests the mechanics of the game. Not always, but often. Improvements, observations, questions, etc. will be put in here.
    Recently we received a revised engine damage table from TJ Gates. It has more to it than the Compendiums or Dueltrack does because its set up on 3D6 instead of 2D6. Read it, play it, and tell us what you think.
New Engine Damage Table
by TJ Gates

on 3D6
3 or less - Black smoke rolls from the engine compartment. Not enough for a smoke screen, but enough for a scare and to look like a cracked head. No repair is necessary.
4 - Clang!! Something got hit. On a roll of 1-4 on a D6 a fan blade is hit. No repair costs. If two or more of these results are rolled before a monthly tune-up the results of the roll are the same for a seizure as in #6.
5 - Oil pan is holed. Place 1/2" slick behind car after one second. Oil gauge drops to 5 psi after two seconds. Every second after the first roll one die. On a 1-4 the engine seizes; on a 5 or 6 the engine is okay for another second. If the engine seizes repairs are 80% of the base engine cost. Before seizure, repairs are 15% of the base engine cost.
6 - Radiator is holed. Steam rolls out from the engine compartment. A smoke screen-sized cloud is placed on both sides of the vehicle. In three seconds the temperature gauge show HIGH. On the forth second, roll one die. On a 5 or 6 the engine seizes and cost 90% of the base engine cost to repair. If the engine is shut down before seizure repair cost is 10% of the base engine price. Note that steam, while it cannot block line-of-sight or incur a targeting penalty, does block IR lasers. For regular lasers subtract one die of damage when fired through or out of a steam cloud.
7 - Half an oil slick is produced next turn. The secondary oil filter is hit. This result is not important unless it happens twice before a monthly tune-up. If it does happen the result is the same as #5.
8 - The head cracks. Black smoke billows from the engine, enough for a smoke screen, but has the duration of a paint cloud. Half an oil slick is produced also. No acceleration is possible. After three seconds start rolling one die. A result of 2-6 the engine shuts down. At any time the engine may be shut down and the repairs are 30% of the base cost of the engine.
9 & 10 - Roll again. If a 9 or 10 is indicated stop rolling. If the result calls for additional rolling, halve the chance for seizure, additional damage, or shut down.
11 - A rod lets go. Horrendous noises come from the engine. The engine shuts down, never to run again until repaired. Repairs cost 85% of the base cost of the engine. The car decelerates at 10 mph per turn until it comes to a stop.
12 - Fuel system (carburetor or injectors) is hit. Car may be on fire. Use modifiers from Dueltrack and roll once per turn (after the first) until engine is shut down. Repairs are 20% plus 1D6 x 5% of the base engine cost. If the car is on fire, it produces a FOJ patch every second until it is out of gas or shuts down. If nitrous is being used when the fuel system was hit or after, all fire numbers are increased by one, and modifiers are +1.
13 - Half a flame cloud (1/2" x 1/2" counter) is produced by a leak in the gas tank pressure line. It ignites one phase after this result is rolled, doing flame cloud damage. No repair is necessary.
14 - A grinding noise erupts from the engine. The car jolts (a D2 hazard and weapons fired from the car have a -2 to hit for the rest of the turn). There is no other effect and no repairs are necessary.
15 - The exhaust manifolds (or tubular headers if the car is so equipped) are hit and destroyed. The engine gets loud and engine produces an additional 10% power factors (with no tubular headers this is 5%). The bad news is that every 10 minutes or 10 miles the engine is running roll one die. On a 6 a valve burns. Every time a valve burns the engine loses 5% of its original power factors. The bonus factors are lost immediately. Before losing valves the repair costs are 20% of the base engine price. After a burn the costs are 40%.
16 - The timing chain or belt mechanism is hit and destroyed. The car shuts down and slows down to a stop, decelerating 10 mph each turn. Repairs are 10% of the base engine cost.
17 - The transmission is hit. Grinding noises come from the engine. The car jolts as in #14 and half an oil slick is produced on the second turn. The car decelerates at 15 mph per turn until 15 mph is reached. The car may travel at this speed until it is shut down or slowed. It may not accelerate until the engine is repaired at 45% of its base cost.
18 - Steam is produced and has the same effects as in #6. It is not serious unless the car is going over 50 mph. If so then the engine gets hot and in five seconds roll for a seizure as in #6 and the results are the same as in #6.



    Some credit has been long overdue, namely the Nightmessenger artwork. The NOVA symbol was made by David Caplinger years ago; the new one is by Ben Scott. Section artwork is by Cliff Christiansen. Finally, the 50 Caliber Fun is by Jay Chladek. They deserve a big "thank you" for allowing us to use their work.
    Next issue will have more NOVA happenings and other subjects around the world. A special section will be devoted to the GenCon/Origins action. More ASP reports and our regular sections.
Drive offensively!


Norman McMullen, President of NOVA
Tim Jacques, Vice-President



Re-editing of Nightmessenger Vol 6, No 2 completed on 08/18/97 by Donald Jacques.
Editors: Norman McMullen, Don Jacques, and Tim Jacques.
NOVA Works: Tire Shield by Michael Garrity, Demon Bullets by Shea Montgomery, Mini Cannon by TJ Gates, and Virtual Reality Targeting Computer by Norman McMullen
Europe Report: Stephane Gallay.
In The Arena: Norman McMullen.
On The Track: Norman McMullen.
Duel Slang: Don Jacques, Chris French, John Scheibeler, Stephane Galley, and the Driving Tigers/Road Wolves.
Combat Rock: Chris French, Norman McMullen, and Stephane Galley.
The Showroom: Super Apache Warlord by Jay Chladek, AH-3A Assault Copter by Chris French, Whirlwind by Michael Garrity, and Apache Warmonger by Shea Montgomery.
Local Hero: John Scheibeler.
Nuts and Bolts: TJ Gates.
All other sections done by Norman McMullen and Tim Jacques.
Typesetting and transcriber of the Great American Novel: Don Jacques

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