NOVA's Quarterly Newsletter

Vol. 4, No. 2, Summer 2040


Yes, NOVA has been busy lately. In the last three months we have put out three newsletters, including this one. Currently we're working on some major projects, namely the AADA Flashfire Arena Circuit, The Southwest Road Atlas and the Alaska/Hawaii Road Atlas. Final decisions on accepting these works is in Austin's hands. However, the outlook is good. In addition several other articles are being worked on. City Encounters and the Multi-Environment Vehicles will be hopefully done by August.

Currently we are looking for input for you, the reader, for publication in the Nightmessenger. Anyone wanting to send gadgets, vehicles and Local Hero articles are welcomed to do so. Comments on what's been published can be sent to us. All letters will be read and notable ones mentioned in our Return Fire section.

In this issue we'll cover our run-ins with gangs, the Mob, and Professor Starshine. NOVA club uniforms will be covered in a special section, complete with photos. A new section, Cube Logs, makes its debut this issue. It'll cover movies and TV series related to Car Wars. Cube Logs will also be trading post for duellists wishing to swap cubes.

If you just lifted your head off the pavement you know now that it is summertime. Yes, it's that time of year when the cycles are as numerous as the bugs on your windshield. Monster trucks seem to have problems with cycles squishing up against their windshields and grills. Speaking of which NOVA has had ideas for the last 18 months on monster trucks and tanks. We haven't started on it in a major way, but its turn is coming up this fall. Anyone wishing to try out our monster vehicles please send a SASE to our address for a free copy. One crazy new vehicle design is a submarine! It went over like a lead balloon some years ago. Time to reinvent the depth charge! Tell us what you think about these ideas. Ciao!


Uncle Al, look out! Here comes some more devices from the minds of NOVA! Yah, that's it, that's the ticket! You're going to see a lot of airplane-related items over the next few months. Beat your opponents to the punch will ahead of time!

Canards: 25% of body cost and 10% of body weight. Can only be used on microplanes, airplanes, and jets. Canards are small wings in front of the main wings and are used to prevent stalling. When a plane with canards starts to stall the canards will automatically do a D2 maneuver to level it out, but no penalty is incurred. Canards subtract 2 from the crash table results and every maneuver above 60 mph is a -D2 penalty. They may not be mounted with maneuvering foils and only one pair of canards can be placed on any size plane.

Concealed Pistol: To-hit 8, $100, 2 shots, 2 hits damage. This weapon is a miniature pistol mechanism hidden inside a common object, such as a pen, broom handle, or radio.

Airbags: $500, no space, 25 lbs. each. Can be used for driver, gunner, and passenger compartments. Only good for frontal hits. One-shot device. Can be repacked at a local truck stop, car dealership, or recharging station for ten dollars. Collisions must be at least 25 mph and damage must be going to the affected occupants during the collision (special sensors will tell if the force is going to any occupant of the car). The bag will inflate and cushion the blow. The bag will deflate one second after the collision. The airbag reduces damage by 1/2. With an airbag and safety seat the damage is reduced by 3/4.

Submunition Deployment Rockets: X5 normal cost, 1/2 damage per rocket type. No change in weight or space. Any rocket type can be modified.

A submunition deployment rocket (SDR) disperses dozens of bomblettes over the target area and they explode on contact. All objects in a 2" x 2" area, centered on the target spot, will take damage. An additional 1/2" from all edges apply burst damage to pedestrians only (damage is the same as in the main area). The damage is applied to the top armor for ground vehicles, rotors for helicopters, and top armor and props for aircraft. This area will also be heavily cratered. A car traveling over this area will suffer a D6 hazard and will take 1D6 of tire damage.


In Iowa there is legislation that covers new laws to permit limited duelling. Next year we might see some new arenas joining the Flashfire Circuit. We'll update you on the votes.

Recently one of NOVA's members, No Gun, has entered the Division 100 monster truck circuit. He is using his famous New Omaha Beast and is doing quite well. So far he has scored 16 kills and earned over one million dollars in prize winnings. He can only go on the circuit every-other month due to his duties with Omega Force.

In the national scene news of the AADA being raided by the Secret Service on suspected computer hacking has been reported. This has made us wonder what would happen if the AADA were to close down. NOVA has given some thought and came up with a possible outcome. Former AADA duellists and chapters would turn rogue and go after their old enemies with no fear of AADA blacklisting. BLUD may very well become the AADA of the future! Chaos will spread like wildfire. Police and those chapters that haven't gone bad would be overwhelmed by rampant crime. Does internal collapse sound familiar? The AADA has helped to keep the peace in the country and allowed the government the chance to recover and provide for the people. We certainly don't want to keep the Free Oil States free forever, but another succession war is possible if the AADA folds. Be warned, and keep watching the road!

Due to the work of New Omaha's vigilantes (Batman, Ambush, and The Black Avenger) New Omaha is Mob-free. Over the last six months they've stopped or killed numerous Mob members and closed Mob-infected businesses. The Police are not too happy cleaning up after these messy vigilantes. Now New Omaha is relatively quiet, and that's saying a lot. Street gangs are still around, doing an occasional crime and trying not to be noticed. Crime is now at a fraction of the pre-vigilante level. Criminals fear the night that once hid them. Night is the time when the vigilantes come out to hunt.

The big cycle and car gangs haven't bothered New Omaha in months. The main reason is the high casualty rate (70 to 90%) they suffer. Because of this convoys around the New Omaha have been harassed and plundered. The National Guard has stopped bombing the Boneyards, a favorite gang hideout, due to the construction of the industrial park. As New Omaha continues to grow the Boneyards are expected to be fully annexed and cleared out. The city council is still discussing the plan at this time.

As mentioned beforehand Chris McCubbin, current ADQ editor, will be our gaming guest of honor at Omacon 10. Maybe he can clear up what happened at SJG in March of this year. Maybe he'll have some more inside information on the Secret Service raid. Get those tape recorders and paper pads ready!


March 5. 2040: BTN pulls The Road Knight series, staring Ron Knight, off the air for unspecified reasons.

March 24, 2040: NOVA members convoyed a shipment of arms to the Quad Cities. During the haul across Iowa they encountered the Thunderbolt cycle gang. They were Professor Starshine's goons. They failed and NOVA made sure the Thunderbolts never rise up again.

March 25, 2040: Most of NOVA's convoy made the return trip from the Quad Cities. On the way back they encountered an inept highjack gang going after a small convoy. Result: NOVA 1, gang -10.

March 26, 2040: A nondescript cargo box was found on the front steps of the New Omaha Police Headquarters. No statement concerning the box has been released.

March 30, 2040: No news on the box has been released, and several other people reported finding similar boxes elsewhere in the city.

April 2, 2040: Two cars raced on 84th Street in New Omaha. Both had only two side wheels on the ground during this race. One car was a hearse, the other a 1966 cherry red Mustang Convertible. Neither driver was identified.

April 2, 2040: BTN announced the return of The Road Knight series with a two hour episode.

April 11, 2040: The Road Knight returns in a two hour episode titled "The Knight's Heritage", guest starred by DJ Battle.

April 12, 2040: Area ATMs were robbed by some unknown electronic means.

April 13, 2040: The area banks announced that all ATMs would be shut down for the next two days for repairs.

April 14, 2040: Offutt Air Force Base held live wargames. Official statements claim that this was not so.

April 15, 2040: NOVA celebrated its fifth anniversary and began its sixth year of making New Omaha one of the top duelling cities in the world. It was attended by all two hundred members, including numerous national and international celebrities. Tax Day and Easter Sunday were also on this date.

April 16, 2040: Riots broke out in Battle, Nebraska when a demonstration against tax reform was broken up by tear gas.

April 17, 2040: No Gun announced he would enter the World Monster Truck Circuit with his monster tank called New Omaha Beast. We wish him good luck in the months ahead.

April 19, 2040: Riots continued in Battle, Nebraska. A ban on the sale of handguns and other weapons and ammo in city limits was issued. The city amusement park was also closed.

April 22, 2040: Two police cruisers and several META (Middle Eastern Terrorist Alliance) vehicles were destroyed by two red-and-white helicopters just west of Des Moines, Iowa. The reason why and the identity of the attackers are unknown. It was reported that one helicopter each flew east and west after the attack. Their body shape resembled the helicopter from the old TV show Airwolf.

April 23, 2040: The Air Raiders Gang was obliterated by The Black Avenger during a botched airship take-over. All Air Raider microplanes fell to earth with no one bailing out.

April 25, 2040: The Battle Army was overrun by rioters in Battle, Nebraska.

April 30, 2040: Teri Harlan and Dippy announced the merger of Lightning Transport and Red Express Bus Lines in May of this year. Lightning Express, as the new company will be called, will carry passengers and packages within a 400 mile radius of New Omaha.

The Battle Riots stopped after commandos raid the city's computer system. The cause of the riots was found to be subliminal messages from a record sold in Battle by The Dead Anarchists.

May 1, 2040: The New Omaha Police Department introduced it's new jet engine powered interceptors to the general public. Only another jet car can even hope to escape from a chase by a police jet interceptor.

May 5, 2040: No Gun came in second with four kills in the Warrior Stadium in Chicago.

May 12, 2040: No Gun came in first with four kills in the Southtown Arena in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

May 19, 2040: No Gun finished second with five kills in the Mayor Smith Memorial Arena.

May 26, 2040: No Gun blasted into second place with three kills in the Rubberway Arena.


NOVA is one of the older AADA chapters. We have two types of members. One subscribes to ADQ, and the other which doesn't. Most of the older chapters have rules on their organizational and officer positions. At times we've had several officers and at others less. Presently we have only three officers. Those are the president, vice-president and secretary.

As for chapter ground rules one that is followed by everyone is no deliberate tire shots in arenas. Of course, this is not in effect for regional and tournaments. Tire shots, in our opinion, take too much fun out of a duel and isn't a honorable way to fight. Besides, tire duels can end very quickly and messy. We have no critical hits for the same reasons.

There are AADA decisions that NOVA disagrees with. We personally like the original VFRP better than the revised one. The recoilless rifle is capable of using hesh ammo. A real stickler is the changes made by Oines in the gas engines. We rather have the original, lighter ones. Remember that gas engines shouldn't have the same restrictions as power plants. I don't know why it ever happened. Probably there were a few people out there who feel threatened by a car that can outdistance them. We try to be fair to everyone but not to bend over backwards for them. I hope this helps other chapters with their problems.


Over the last few months NOVA members have been assembling uniforms for themselves. We've had special NOVA and AADA patches made through the help of a local comic store. The basic part of the uniform is a black or dark blue jumpsuit with the patches sewed on. We also wear Illuminate pins on the collars. See the accompanying photos.

To personalize the jumpsuits each one has a sewed-on name tag with the wearer's club nickname on them. Other special patches include the ace patch and the stealth patch. At present we haven't decided on how to fully display multiple ace awards. One idea was to get silver and gold pips to denote certain numbers of them.

The idea for the uniforms came from the desire to be more visible at conventions or at special functions. As an added touch we've gotten black berets with the NOVA patch sewed on them. Look out for us, and be ready!


NOVA's influence has been heighten because of our involvement in local conventions. We like to go to other conventions that are out-of-state, money permitting. Below is a calender of conventions this summer that are Car Wars related or that NOVA is attending.

Origins '90: June 28 - July 1, 1990 in Atlanta. The site of this year's World Duelling Championship is sure to be an event.

Omacon 10: August 3 - 5, 1990 in Omaha. Chris McCubbin, the ADQ editor, will be the gaming guest of honor. NOVA will be hosting it's annual Car Wars Tournament.

GenCon '90: August 9 - 12, 1990 in Milwaukee. The site of the World Racing Championship. Any gamer has to got to GenCon once in their lifetime to believe it. If any other convention made chaos, this one is the granddaddy of them all.

Delcon 1: September 1 - 2, 1990 in Kansas City. Technically a Star Trek convention, NOVA is attending and hoping to find interested duellists to have a session or two of mayhem.


NOVA is a chapter that believes that movies and TV shows help expand the realm of the game Car Wars. To this end we have become a member of a Special Interest Group (SIG) Video Room at Omacon for Car Wars. At every opportunity we go out and view potential movies either at the theater or at home. This explains our new section entitled Club Logs. Here are some of this summer's notable movies:

May 25: Back to the Future Part 3 and Fire Birds

June 1: Total Recall

June 15: Dick Tracy

June 22: Robocop 2

July 4: Die Hard 2


On The Road

"Good Afternoon, Starshine"

Recently NOVA encountered the third maniac, Professor Starshine. He's as devious and insane as the other two. Professor Starshine's origin is rumored to be this. A few years ago he was a top-notch research scientist working for an armament company. One day an experimental batch of chemicals spilled onto him and changed his life forever. The chemicals drove him insane and he used an explosive he was working on to destroy the company. He escaped the ensuing explosions. It isn't known what happened to him between that time and when he joined the maniacs last year.

The first time NOVA saw Starshine was when he appeared on a Darksun broadcast in January of this year. It's unknown what effect he had on the Maniac attacks. For all we know he could have designed the Alien War Machines and other vehicles used by them.

In mid-January this year NOVA sent out Varean Investigations members Dr. Raker, Ambush, Steelfist, and Fred Guiness to find the Maniacs. Instead they go captured by Starshine. At the same time Starshine also managed to capture two members of the Phantom Plague: Kurt and Jill Kruse. By all reports they were treated very well while being held captive.

By January 20 Starshine launched his first attack against us. By overriding all local radio and TV broadcasts he informed us of the hostages he had taken. He then quickly appeared in front of our headquarters in a tank and fired several rounds into it. All available members hopped into their best street duellers and went after the tank, which was now entering the Industrial Park area.

As the duellists entered the area they found several tank-crushed cars in a line that lead directly to the tank. NA Palmer, Recoilless Ranger, and Mark Fairborne fired upon the tank, doing damage to the back of the turret and the treads. The tank went up to full speed and started circling the block, surprising Mr. RIP as he joined the battle. Recoilless moved to point-blank range and fired a ATG sabot round right down the barrel of the tank's front-mounted blast cannon, destroying it. It was later found out that it was this shot that took out the tank's main computer. The tank fired it's remaining blast cannons at Recoilless, taking out his front armor. The main gun hit Mark and nearly caved in his side. Mr. RIP suffered severe damage to his front also. Palmer went through a flame cloud left by the tank, and his tires were badly melted.

Palmer used his police powers as he tore through houses to get to the tank. Recoilless spun around a corner while taking a short cut through some yards. The tank crashed through a house and crashed into the basement. The main gun barrel snapped off. Palmer, Mr. RIP, and Fairborne quickly got out of their cars to investigate the tank. They broke open the top hatch only to find no crew, just computers connected to the control stations. Recoilless called Daimschel Tread Works to ask if one of their tanks was stolen. It was confirmed that the tank NOVA fought was a Daimschel Dempsy Mk. 4, an experimental tank for the Army.

Starshine took the defeat without problems, and a note was found inside the tank in code. It said that NOVA could find their friends on an airship near Battle, Nebraska. Meanwhile Palmer and Recoilless recognized Fairborne from the wanted posters for the murder of Joe Ratner, president of NOVA. Guns were pulled and Palmer fired his flamethrower first. Mark fired his assault rifle and the same instant. NA Palmer was badly wounded and fell. Fairborne made a run for his car. Recoilless, still in his car, fired his ATG at Mark. He died messily, and this was filmed by TV helicopters. This was the #1 "scene-of-the-week" spot on New Omaha's television stations.

NOVA members readied two microplanes to raid the airship. On the way to Battle a third plane, crewed by Shannon Spray and David Crane of the Phantom Plague joined in. Robojed, in his jet-powered stealth microplane, spotted the huge airship first and attacked, hitting a top-mounted turret. John Generic and Shannon quickly followed. The airship returned fire with its recoilless rifles, damaging John and Shannon. David dropped napalm bombs onto the tail section of the airship, setting it afire. The top turrets were quickly silenced. John and the Plagues handed over control of their planes to other crewmembers and jumped onto the airship's top. They crawled down into the smoking remains of the turrets and were immediately involved in a pitched handgun battle with the crew. Shannon encountered a ninja that exchanged blows with her.

Slowly the group advanced onto the control gondola, shredding gasbags along the way. After encountering a nasty booby-trap the team busted into the gondola and gunned down Starshine's goons. As the hostages were located and rushed up to the top of the airship Robojed flew by it at mach, shattering the windows of the gondola. John Generic was blown out died (he had no parachute). In all four NOVA troopers died in the battle. The hostages were picked up in a medivac helicopter that just joined in the battle. Starshine was nowhere to be found.

Starshine had used his rocket-powered escape plane that was concealed in the lower outer hull of the airship. As he streaked off towards Iowa Robojed gave chase but was unable to catch him. The airship, unmanned and burning bright, crashed into an abandoned farmhouse and uneventfully burned up. The present whereabouts of the Professor isn't known. He did, however, attack a NOVA convoy in western Iowa with two Apache Warlord helicopters and two Sledge minibuses. They were stopped with only moderate damage done to the convoy.

It's rumored that Professor Starshine calls Lost Wages, Iowa home. We have yet to prove this, but when the Professor reappears it's sure to be trouble. He's an insane genius with a mind rooted in the strange. Let's hope he doesn't get any "bright" ideas! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!!


More duelling slang to bring a smile to your face.

Pinging: The sound that metal armor makes when hit with an area effect weapon.

Beamer: A duellist who uses searchlights.

Sport-Up: Any pickup driver who thinks he's driving a sports car. They usually don't signal when changing lanes and generally act like they own the road.

Lawn Dart: A microplane out of control and heading for the ground.


NOVA again opens up its showroom for viewing.

Sledge 2: Mini-bus, x-hvy. chassis, small truck engine w/turbocharger, 25 gallon racing tank, 10 PR tires, driver, gunner, TG w/extra magazine front, 2 linked VMGs in turret, overdrive, anti-lock brakes, HD brakes, extra driver controls, LDR, radar, radar detector and jammer, two targeting computers. Cargo capacity: 9 spaces, 7 lbs. Streamlining. Sloped armor: F77, L65, R65, B65, T65, U30 with 6 10-point wheelguards. Accel. 2.5/5/10, top speed 122.5 mph, HC 1; 14,393 lbs., $79,168.

Blaster: Small hovercraft, large boat power plant w/SCs, 4 std. skirts, pilot, BC front. FP armor: F16, L15, R15, B15, T12, U10. Accel. 10, top speed 180, HC 3; 5,294 lbs., $17,828.

Claymore: Mid-size, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, large power plant, 4 PRR tires, driver, BC front, GL top (range 15") with rotary magazine, HD shocks, targeting computer. LR armor: F49, L49, R49, B45, T15, U20. Accel. 5, top speed 92.5, HC 3; 5,758 lbs., $18,895.

Pure Shot: Compact, x-hvy. chassis, hvy. suspension, medium power plant w/PC, 4 SB PR tires, driver, VMG w/HD ammo front, spoiler, airdam, HD brakes, HRSWC, 10 points of CA for driver. Sloped armor: F56, L31, R31, B30, U10, U10, with 4 10-point wheelguards and 4 5-point wheelhubs. Accel. 5, top speed 90, HC 2; 4,408 lbs., $13,973.


Merv Missile

by Don "Recoilless Ranger" Jacques

Merv Missile was born as Merv Ferral on August 6, 2000. A son of a concrete production company owner, Merv grew up to see many of his father's concrete beams and blocks smashed by the collapse of organized society. His family were staunch defenders of the Omaha Defense Council (later the city council) and devoted their resources to the rebuilding of the city. Merv's father died shortly after the last major assault of the cycle gangs during the Food Riots. Merv inherited the company and saw to it that it converted to produce the new plasticrete material.

In 2021, after finishing a two-year managerial course at UNNO, Merv settled down to what he hoped would be a nearly normal family life. He got married and built a new house. With the demand of plasticrete a known fact, Merv thought he had it made.

In 2028 an ARF terrorist attacked and destroyed a good part of City Hall. Merv was there at the time talking to city planners on the needs for plasticrete procurement. Merv was hit by debris and was paralyzed from the waist down. An expensive operation that included nerve grafts and micro-nerve connections had to be done. Only after two years of intensive exercises was Merv able to walk again. He vowed that he wouldn't rest until all ARF nuts were "wrapped in an ARF flag and burned personally by the President in high-octane American gasoline".

Merv bought his first duelling car, a Joseph Special, in 2032. He entered the local duelling scene and honed his skills. In 2035 he decided to join NOVA. As he saw it, he could make good on his vow while serving the community at the same time. His test of fire occurred in January, 2036 as an ARF attack force entered the Boneyards of Council Bluffs. He was in his synomimous car, the Back Bash, and the battle came to him. A Dragon was moving towards him at moderate speed. Merv pulled out of a side street and bored onto the Dragon. The Back Bash easily crushed the Dragon's front with a ramplate and impaled the driver with twin recoilless rounds.

Merv pulled out of the wreck and pivoted to face his next foe. He pumped round after round into a Banzai. It careened into a building and caused it to collapse on top of it. An ARF helicopter made an appearance and strafed the NOVA force, disabling one car. Merv took a hit on the top from a bomb. He fired back with his turreted MG, hitting the copter as it flew away. Merv's duelling name, Missile, arose from this battle because of the way he homed in on the Dragon and didn't flinch as his Back Bash was taking hits.

Merv has seen many adventures and battles while in NOVA. His patronage to the club enabled it to build it's new HQ at an incredibly low price (he gave NOVA plasticrete at 5% of the market value). Also a good-sized portion of NOVA's operating budget comes from contributions from Merv's company and clients. He openly advertises his plasticrete with the following slogan, "If it takes 300 vials of nitro to bust open NOVA headquarters then my brand of plasticrete is more than enough to protect your home from Little Tommie's experiments with grenades!".

Merv is a gruff man, often replying in grunts and growls. He is a loveable big guy once you get used to him. He does hat fat mechanics, a quirk that isn't readily explainable. He likes the fine arts and often takes his family to the New Omaha Symphony and Ballet. Recently he has voted the Best Business of New Omaha, a honor long in coming.

Merv Missile has the skills of Driver +2, Gunner +1, Handgunner +1, Running +1, and Stealth. His favorite handgun is the shotgun and the double-barreled shotgun. Favorite vehicular weapons are recoilless rifles and vulcan machine guns. The Back Bash is still around, but now he drives a Hawker ram variant. His advice, "Better to get your opponent with a side ram. You can control the ram speed that way. Also your weapons can soften up his armor before you hit.".


Before Car Wars, there were smash movies such as the Mad Max series, James Bond, and books such as the Rig Warrior and Street Legal, Inc. Each one has its own good and bad points, but they're all entertaining.

NOVA loves to watch and read Car Wars movies and books. This section, Cube Logs, will act as a commentary for videos, films and books. It will also act as a place to swap cubes. We invite anyone to send in their reviews. There's a good chance they will be printed in our newsletter.

Slipstream - Set in the future after an environmental holocaust (the Earth rebelled after all of the abuse it had taken), the planet suffered a series of big quakes. The result was huge valley with a river of wind going through it, the Slipstream.

Tasker (Mark Hamil of Star Wars) is an emotionless bounty hunter tracking down criminals. He and his partner cross paths with a pilot (Bill Paxton) who steals their bounty and leads a chase down the Slipstream. This has a lot of aerial sequences and it's an odd movie with a complicated (convoluted?) plot. ** (out of 4)

Thunder Run - An old trucker and his grandson take on terrorists in order to get a shipment of plutonium to a military installation. This movie will make you believe that a rig CAN fly. Cycles and VW Bugs make interesting enemies. What the heck, what can you expect on a shoe-string budget? BMWs? When the rig is converted into a battlewagon nothing can stand in its way. This is definitely a grade-B movie with cardboard characters and a simple plot. ***

License to Kill - James Bond slugs it out with a drug lord in a non-stop action movie. The truck battle at the end is a must- see. Some of the gadgets look very familiar, don't they? ****


NOVA recently met a new group called the Road Kill Cafe, located in Wichita, Kansas. One of their members was at our hobby shop to see our Aeroduel event. We hope to see them at Omacon or at Delecon.

Letters, letters, letters. NOVA loves to get letters. The AADA's greatest problem is communication. Writing a letter is easy and it's kind of fun to do. One NOVA member already corresponds to several people overseas and is having a great time. The investment in a stamp can really pay off in the long run. If the AADA is to grow, or even survive, we must talk to one another. Don't be a turtle hiding in its shell... WRITE!!.

Drive and Fly Offensively!

Norman McMullen, President

Don Jacques, Secretary


Re-editing of Nightmessenger Vol 4, No 2 completed on 06/07/97 by Donald Jacques.

Editors: Tim Jacques, Don Jacques, and Norman McMullen.

NOVA Works: Canards by Norman McMullen, Concealed Pistol by Michael Garrity, Submunition Deployment Rockets by Norman McMullen and Kelly Resato, and Air Bag by Tim Jacques.

On the Road: Norman McMullen.

Local Hero: Don Jacques.

The Showroom: Sledge 2 by Norman McMullen, Blaster by Matt Schuler, Claymore by Matt Schuler and Don Jacques, and Pure Shot by Don Jacques.

Duel Slang, Cube Logs: Norman McMullen

All other sections done by Norman McMullen.

Typesetting: Don Jacques

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