The almost-never quarterly journal of the New Omaha Vehicular Association
VOLUME 14, #1


Over the coming year, NOVA's goal is to recruit more new members. We believe this is important because new players are the future of the game. Those who do join us will find NOVA to be one of the friendliest and most sportsmanlike chapters in the AADA. We may be the oldest chapter, but that doesn't mean that we have to be the meanest.
    This issue will feature NOVA's 2050 Club Racing Championship, an article on air racing (in Nuts & Bolts), a piece of Car Wars fiction in the NOVA Files and our other regular features.


"Greener Grass"

In this issue, we stroll out onto the lawn and find some new items for your dueling enjoyment. After a long hiatus, Lawn Maulers are back with a vengeance. We also present new power plants for trikes.

New Trike Power Plants

For years, trikes have been somewhat under powered. Designers have also been limited in their choices of electric power plants (unless they want to use a gas engine). To address this issue, we have added two new power plants for trikes
Size Cost Weight Spaces
Power Factors
Sport $5,000 200 lbs.
Super Sport $6,000 300 lbs.
Like any other electric power plant, these items can use platinum catalysts and superconductors. Motorcycles can use them if they have the spaces and weight.

Lawn Maulers

In the early 2030's, riding mowers were replaced by lawn maulers. This change was brought about by the advent of autodueling, After all, who wants to be defenseless if a duel breaks out while doing the yard work?

Body Sizes
Size Cost Weight Maximum Load Spaces Armor Cost/Weight
Light $150 200 lbs
800 lbs
$10/4 lbs
Medium $200 250 lbs
1,000 lbs
$11/5 lbs
Heavy $300 300 lbs
1,200 lbs
$12/6 lbs
Lawn maulers have five armor locations (F, B, R, L, U). They use cycle/trike power plants or gas engines. The top speed of a lawn mauler is calculated by using the following formulas:

Electric: 180 x power factors/power factors +weight

Internal Combustion: 120 x power factors/power factors + weight

The chassis of a lawn mauler may be modified to carry extra weight (as with a car or trike). They accelerate at normal rates and are targeted at a penalty of -2 from the sides and -3 from the front or back.


A lawn mauler uses two different sizes of tires. Even though the front tires are smaller than the rear tires, both have the same cost, weight and DP. These tires may be steel belted (doubles tire DP) and fireproofed. They are automatically off-road at no extra cost or weight.
Size Cost Weight DP
Standard $50 15 lbs 1
Solid $100 30 lbs 2
Lawn mauler tires are targeted at a penalty of -3 for the rear tires and -4 for the front tires

Optional Equipment

Lawn maulers may be fitted with the following equipment. Some of it is designed specifically for yard work, and some of it is designed for other purposes.

Cutting Decks
Size Cost Weight DP Armor Cost/Weight
24" $100 75 lbs 5
$8/1 lb
36" $200 100 lbs 7
$10/2 lbs
48" $300 150 lbs 9
$12/3 lbs
A cutting deck may carry up to 10 points of armor. Its size indicates how wide a strip of grass it can cut in one pass. Cutting decks are raised or lowered by a firing action.

Grass Catchers
Size Cost Weight Maximum Load DP Armor Cost/Weight
Light $50 25 lbs
100 lbs
$8/1 lb
Heavy $100 50 lbs
200 lbs
Grass catchers are mounted on the rear of a lawn mauler. They carry one or two bags to store the clippings for later disposal. Catchers are hit first when a lawn mauler is targeted from the rear. They can carry up to 10 points of armor.

Catcher Carts
Catcher carts are towed behind a lawn mauler. They are intended for large-scale cutting operations.
    Cost: $200, weight: 75 lbs, maximum load: 500 lbs, 4 spaces, armor cost/weight: $5/5 lbs. A catcher cart uses two lawn mauler tires and has six armor locations. A flexible chute connects it to the lawn mauler's cutting deck. The cart's hitch can be modified at the usual cost & weight.

Dozer Blade
This item is used year-round for moving dirt, debris or snow. It is attached to the front of the lawn mauler and can be raised or lowered in a firing action. Dozer blades can either be flat or V-shaped. They can also be set at any angle the user wants.
Type Cost Weight DP Armor Cost/Weight
Flat $100 50 lbs
$8/1 lb
V-shape $150 75 lbs
$10/2 lbs
The blade can carry up to 10 points of armor. Use the excess power factors to determine how much weight the blade can push.

These items are small flatbed trailers with slat-type sides. They use lawn mauler tires and can be modified like normal sized trailers.
Size Cost Weight Maximum Load Spaces Armor Cost/Weight 
Light $100 50 lbs
500 lbs
$10/4 lbs
Medium $200 75 lbs
750 lbs
$11/5 lbs
Heavy $300 100 lbs
1,000 lbs
$12/6 lbs
Carts are armored like flatbed trailers. They also have the same restrictions when mounting weapons.


Again, the Worlds are fast approaching with the same questions as to their format. I'd like to remind everyone that the final say on the format is the Duelmaster's, because this is the individual who will run the events.
    Personally, I'd like to see a WDC that presents a challenge to the players. Different arenas, racetracks, vehicles and divisions all would be nice. Yet, not everyone is open to the changes and challenges involved. For further information on both sides of the argument, see the Dueling Debate board.
    The Regional Championships are now history. We look towards next year, as we believe the competition will be even more interesting. Don Jacques won the Dueling championship, and Norman McMullen won the Racing championship. Thanks and congratulations are offered to all.
    NOVA will be expanding its ranks this year with three new members. They will go a long way towards helping to keep our chapter around. This is of some importance, as we have soldiered on for the last few years with just three or four members.
    Iowa will be constructing four new arenas this year. Said arenas will be located in Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Ames and Davenport. Competition in these new forums will be interesting to say the least.
    NOVA's website recently expanded, adding more space for our archives. We also think it fitting to mention that this is our fifteenth year as a chapter in the AADA. All of the chapters that we entered the league with are now long gone. Even if we were to quit now, it would be a long time before any other chapter came close to our longevity.


Now Showing: Mission Impossible 2, Gladiator, Battlefield Earth, Shanghai Noon (Jackie Chan), Titan A.E, Patriot

Summer: The Red Planet, X-Men, Dungeons and Dragons, Gone in 60 Seconds (remake),

Fall: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey plays the Grinch), Kingdom of the Sun

December: The Lord of the Rings, 2001: A Space Odyssey (re-release)

Prequels: Star Wars Episode II (the Clone Wars) and Episode III (Vader Rising)

Sequels: Godzilla Millennium, Batman 5, Alien 5, True Lies 2, Star Trek 10 (DS9?, Voyager?), Terminator 3

On Cubes: Universal Soldier: The Return (II and III), Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace (now also in paperback).


Origins 2000, July 13-16, in Columbus, OH. Confirmed site for the WRC.

Gen Con 2000, August 10-13, in Milwaukee, WI. Confirmed site for the World Dueling Championships. NOVA will be running other Car Wars events here also.

Nuke-Con 2000, October 6-8, in Omaha, NE. NOVA will be running several Car Wars events here.

Origins 2001, July 5-8, 2001 in Columbus, Ohio. Possible site of the Racing Worlds.

Gen Con 2001, August 2-5, 2001 in Milwaukee, WI. Possible site of the Dueling Worlds. NOVA will also run 2051: A Godzilla Odyssey and a number of racing events here.


January 3, 2050: Three arena builders announced that they would begin construction of new dueling venues in Iowa. Likely locations are Des Moines, Ames and Davenport.

January 15, 2050: Mike Garrity wins two heavy pickup/camper duels against Don Jacques, Tim Jacques and Norman McMullen at the New Milford arena in Battle, Nebraska. All companies involved were pleased with the results of this test duel.

January 22, 2050: Mike Garrity won two more heavy pickup/camper duels against Don Jacques, Tim Jacques and Norman McMullen. This time, the duels were held at the World of Dueling Arena in KC-1, Missouri.

February 12, 2050: In the final test duel of the heavy pickup/camper series, Mike Garrity won again over Don Jacques, Tim Jacques, Norman McMullen and Adrian Shipley. The event took place at the Southtown Arena in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

March 18, 2050: Norman McMullen won a Division-10 cycle race at the Amarillo Dueltrack. Mike Garrity, Don Jacques and Tim Jacques all crashed. The resulting piles of debris caused the track to be shut down for a while.
    In the Speed Challenge at Bonneville Salt Flats, Deseret, NOVA set four records today. Mike Garrity drove a cycle to an astounding 900 mph, Norman McMullen drove his Indy Car to 612.5 mph. Don Jacques and Tim Jacques drove a Can-Am and a Sprint Car to 600 mph respectively. These records are not likely to be broken anytime soon.

March 24, 2050: Harry Kellerman, mayor of Battle, Nebraska and owner of Battle Amusement Park re-opened the Battle Speedway today. It had been closed earlier this year for major renovations.

March 25, 2050: Don Jacques won the Central Regional Dueling Championship. This event (a Division-10 trike duel) was held at the Milford Arena in Battle, Nebraska. He defeated Allan Dudding, Travis Taylor, Norman McMullen, Jason Meachum, Mike Garrity (still World Dueling Champion) and Chadd McCaw.
    Norman McMullen won the Central Regional Racing Championship at the Iowa Speedway. He was the only one of the participants who managed to complete a lap. The others (Allan Dudding, Don Jacques and Travis Taylor) all died in rather spectacular crashes.

March 26, 2050: The Iowa City Speedway announced that it will be closing for a month. This downtime is needed to widen the track and add banking to the corners. These renovations are expected to prevent further occurrences of the trouble that plagued the Central Regional Racing Championship.

April 15, 2050: NOVA opened its headquarters to the public for its 15th anniversary celebration. A number of events were run as part of the festivities, including duels and races. Joe Ratner, Recoilless Ranger, Death Knight, No-Gun and Crazy were among the many NOVA members in attendance.

April 26, 2050: The Iowa City Speedway reopened after completing its renovations. Racers are looking forward to driving on the new track.


Air Racing

The main differences between air racing and ground racing is that the racers involved have to deal with three dimensions, not just two. The race courses may not be as complicated as their ground counterparts, and combat is still possible (despite the height differences).
    Weapon restrictions are the same, including the prohibition against all kinds of dropped weapons. The amount of direct-fire weaponry is limited in order to promote racing over combat.
    Aerial race courses are simple in design. The only obstacles are the TV towers and (of course) the pylons marking the limits of the course itself. These pylons are usually 10" (game scale) tall, but they may be taller than that. For safety reasons, combat is restricted to the higher altitudes. The actual racing takes place close to the heights of the pylons (from 5" to 15" or so). The heights involved can be further changed by the race organizer.
    Diving and climbing is not encouraged unless in a passing situation.
    Helicopters are started at 100 mph due to their lack of acceleration. They are also lined upon the first pylon. Airplanes (by design) can't start below their stall speed, so their starting speeds range between 100 mph and 200 mph. Grasshoppers are unique in air racing and are covered by a different set of racing rules, which will be covered later.
    The three main classes of air racing are helicopters, airplanes and grasshoppers. Each class has its own subdivisions due to size and type of aircraft. For example, two subdivisions of the airplane class are microplanes and autogyros. These in turn are further broken down by size.
    On the ground, tire shots are banned. In the air, propellor shots are banned for the same reason. At typical racing speeds, the loss of a propellor or rotor would be catastrophic to everyone present, not just the racers.
    Weapons are limited to direct-fire only. Dropped weapons of all kinds are banned. This includes spike guns, mine flingers, bombs and PDGs. In the air, dropped weapons are less of a problem than on the ground because the pilots can avoid them more easily. Of course, anyone using dropped weapons in an air race is immediately disqualified.
    Air races usually last a few laps, often from 5 to 10 laps total. The racers must stay outside the pylons. If a pilot cuts inside a pylon, he loses credit for the lap where the cutting was done. As with most other races, combat begins after the first lap.

Jets in Air Racing

Jet-powered aircraft are usually banned from normal air races. However, they do compete in long-distance races (such as those between cities). The reasons jets do not compete are that they are too powerful and that they can't maneuver as well as their propellor driven counterparts. For the moment, jet powered aircraft are on every racing pilot's wish list. They will probably be there for a long time.

Grasshopper Racing

Grasshoppers are unique vehicles that combine the capabilities of helicopters and cars. Racing them is also just as different.
    In grasshopper racing, the course used is either an aerial course with pylons or a racetrack/dueltrack with racing pylons. Most aero-arenas used for grasshopper races are off-road due to the maintenance headaches involved with paving them.
    The normal length of grasshopper races is five laps. The first lap is done on the ground. The rotors are deployed during the second lap. The third lap is completed entirely in the air. At the end of the third lap, the racers land and retract the rotors. The fourth and fifth laps are done on the ground. Grasshopper races can have either standing or rolling starts. Rolling/flying starts are at a speed of 100 mph, and begin above the starting line.
    Grasshopper racers can be disqualified for several different reason. The first is cutting the pylons. Others are failing to get airborne or not landing when they should. Failing to retract rotors when on the ground is also grounds for disqualification, especially during the final lap.
    Combat takes place between the 1/4 and 3/4 lap points, giving the racers a half-lap of combat time in each lap.


"To finish first, you must first finish"
--Rick Mears

"Never give up, never surrender"
--Galaxy Quest Commander Peter Quincy Taggart

"Life is too short to be little"

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

5-minute monster: Any arena or racetrack that looks like it was hastily drawn up or put together before the event (Sometimes while the players are even watching. Such arenas almost always suffer from their improvisation).

Junkyard Special: A race with lots of crashes. So named for the large amount of debris left on the track.


"Attack of the B-cubes"

Wild, Wild West
    James West (Will Smith) and Artemus Gordon (Kevin Kline) must stop Dr. Loveless (Kenneth Branagh) from taking over the United States and dividing it up again. This film is done in an action/comedy format with a lot of good FX. It tries to capture the feel of the TV series, but misses early on. Not to be taken seriously.*

Deep Rising
    An ocean liner is stopped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by a computer glitch induced by a group of mercenaries who want to board and rob the vessel. When they do come aboard, they find the ship has been attacked by a strange sea creature. Treat Williams leads the mercs on their treasure hunt, only to see them killed off by the monster in rather gruesome fashion. Predictably, the good guys win (after a fashion). Too bad they picked the wrong island to wash up on. This is a good film to rent if you're bored.*

Lake Placid
    A sleepy lake is the wilds of Maine is home to a giant crocodile. Bill Pullman (Spaceballs, ID4) and Bridget Fonda take on the creature (he wants to kill it, she wants to capture it). This monster flick has some comical moments, but that's all it has. If you want a monster film, try elsewhere.*

The 13th Warrior
    Antonio Barderas is an Arabic ambassador who is visiting a Viking settlement, only to be asked to join an expedition to battle an unknown creature and to become a man and a warrior. The film tells how he learns to speak the Vikings' language and how he helps defeat the monster.*

Deep Blue Sea
    What if sharks were intelligent? Unfortunately, this film tries to answer the question. The film is both boring and funny in places. Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten about halfway through the movie. The cast shows no signs of character development and the movie has no real plot. It's all just chum in the water.*


The 2049 NOVA Club Racing Championship

On November 13th, 1999, Mike Garrity, Don Jacques and Norman McMullen (last year's racing champion) showed up for NOVA's first airborne race. This event was a Division-30 helicopter race at the Skyfire Aero-Arena in Akron, Ohio. The race began at the northern TV tower. Norman had pole position at 150' altitude, Don started at 75' and Mike held the high ground at 300'. As this race was a first for NOVA, an altitude limit of 300' had been set.
    Starting speed was 100 mph. Immediately, Mike dove to 225' and accelerated to 115 mph when he reached the first pylon. Norman took the lead over Don while Mike brought up the rear. Accelerating, Mike dove 15' and gained on Don and Norman. Near the middle TV tower, Mike dove another 30' and took the lead from Norman.
    All three helicopters continued to accelerate. Thanks to his repeated diving, Mike reached his top speed before anyone else. Now at 180 mph, Mike extended his lead in the second lap. It took Norman and Don another two laps to reach their top speeds. Near the end of the fourth lap, Don passed Norman. Time was called at the end of the fifth lap, thus ending the first CRC involving helicopters.
    The race totally lacked combat, even with weapons unlocked. This was due to the heights, speeds and ranges involved. Being a totally new event for NOVA also contributed to the lack of combat. Regardless, NOVA looks forward to more helicopter races in the future.

Finishing positions

1st place: Mike Garrity (5 laps completed)
2nd place: Don Jacques (5 laps completed)
3rd place: Norman McMullen (5 laps completed)


Speedbug (Mike Garrity): Streamlined 1-man helicopter, mini helicopter power plant w/ PCs, pilot, MG (F), Swc. Armor: F10, B10, R10, L10, T5, U7. Acceleration: 5, HC: 3, Top Speed: 180 mph, 3,846 lbs, $29,992.

Eggbeater 202 (Don Jacques): 1-man helicopter, mini helicopter power plant w/ SCs, CACR, pilot, 1 pair maneuver foils, Armor: F10, B14, R12, L12, T6, U6. Acceleration: 5, HC: 4 (5 at 60 mph+), Top Speed: 202.5 mph, 4,230 lbs, $28,860.

Shockwave 1F (Norman McMullen): 1-man helicopter w/ improved tail assembly & CACR, mini helicopter power plant, pilot, MG (F), HrSwc, 1 pair maneuver foils, Armor: F10, B10, R10, L10, T8, U10. Acceleration: 5, HC: 4 (5 at 60 mph+), Top Speed: 192.5 mph, 4,344 lbs, $29,328.


Due to time constraints, some of our projects are being pushed back. This will allow us to concentrate on some more important activities.

Website: One NightMessenger and one arena/racetrack posted each month. The Nightmessengers are expected to be current by 2002. Arenas and racetracks will be up to date by 2004.

1st Nebraska (military supplement): Summer 2000

NOVA Flag: Fall 2000

Godzilla Article 1: Summer 2001

Modular Speedway System: Spring 2001

We will continue to attend the Dueling Worlds. Hopefully, we will be able to attend the Racing Worlds also.


Queen of the Jungle
By Ron Soller

Abandoned on the streets as a child, she became wild. She despised her life among the dregs, with whom she spent most of her youth. She was looking for a real life, one of fame and glory. So, she went after her dream the only way she knew how.
    Like a deadly stalker, she made her way towards a biker resting against his iron horse, which was parked outside a local sleaze bar. She pulled the long, sharp blade from its sheath in her boot and prepared for the kill. Anthony would pay her well for that motorcycle, she thought. The biker growled as he stood up and hurled the empty liquor bottle into a nearby drainage ditch.
    "Here's your chance, Tracer", she whispered to herself as she sprang towards her prey. Her blade arced swiftly towards his neck. Without flinching and just as fast, the biker deflected the thrust and sent the knife chasing after the empty liquor bottle. His next move sent Tracer to a nice, prone position (just right for a beast who knows what he wants). As graceful as any jungle cat, Tracer flipped herself off the ground to a more defensible position. The leather-clad modern-day cowboy went straight at her with a gleam in his eye and a tire chain that he had removed from his waist. His first volley of swings went humming through empty air, harmonized with a steady stream of four-letter words. Her moves were quick and fluent, too good for a street punk, but his persistence paid off as the tire chain went twice around Tracer's neck. He pulled hard on the chain, sending our lioness face-first to the earth in front of him. He misjudged her for the last time as Tracer rolled out and brought the heel spikes on her armor straight towards the sides of his exposed neck. She quickly rummaged through his pockets and found the keys to the scoot.


"This is the nicest one you've brought me yet, Tracer."
    "I need five for this one, Anthony. The last payment for the Vulture."
    "You're really gonna get a street machine under you and give up stealing bikes for me? Here's seven-and-a-half. Don't say I never did anything for you."
    "This is great, Tone. You're the best", as she gave him a big hug. Just as quickly, she snatched up the cash and ran towards the door with a skip in her step; just like a little girl on her birthday.
    "Be careful in that thing. Don't get yourself killed before you get a chance to take me for a ride in it" Anthony hollered after her as he began to take a wrench to his new purchase.


"Where's Duke?" Tracer asked the mechanic after she did a walk-through in the warehouse looking for the man.
    "Just went to pick up a delivery from one of his suppliers." was the answer she got. Just then, the radio kicked in.
    "Mayday, mayday. Being assaulted by a large, black van. I'm on Seaway Drive heading north. Looks like one of Greaser's machines."
    The mechanic crawled out from under the red Timeshifter he was working on, but no before Tracer had keyed the microphone.
    "Duke, where's the Vulture? I'm going in for the assist."
    "It's in the storage garage. The key is in the............."
    Tracer dropped the set as soon as the large crash and static were heard. She mounted and started the junker of a bike she used for transportation and sped off towards Seaway. Being very careful to stay on the main roads, she took longer to get to the scene than she cared to, but you can't take chances when you're on a scoot with no functional weapons and minimal armor. Duke's wrecked compact was on its side with a tire missing and rear armor gone. She searched the car, but no one was inside. Getting back to her bike, she headed towards the last known location for Greaser's base of operations. Greaser, the one man who's car-acquisition business was as extensive as Duke's.


She parked the bike a block away from the abandoned factory, in the hope that it wouldn't be spotted. She slipped around the back of the building and tried the back door, but it was locked. The only other way in was a large window on the second story. She looked around and spotted a large pipe that had been thrown away. It was long enough to reach most of the way to the window, so she leaned it against the building and started a harrowing climb towards her goal. As she neared the top, the pipe slid, sending her sprawling into a dumpster. She pulled herself up just in time to see the door open, promptly ducking back down to avoid being spotted. She cocked her head so she could hear the footsteps as they came closer. Then, came the sounds of an automatic pistol being readied. When the sounds stopped, Tracer readied herself to attack. With lightning speed, she kicked when the head of the guard appeared over the dumpster. The impact sent his helmet and some of his teeth flying across the alley. Tracer quickly exited the dumpster and entered the warehouse through the now-open door.
    Duke was tied to a chair in the center of the work bay. Blood ran down his face as one of Greaser's men worked him over. Greaser was seated nearby, laughing at Duke and demanding answers. Tracer wasted no time in working her way closer without being noticed. She then leaped over bench and after landing, sent her blade straight into the groin of the torturer. Greaser stood up and drew his pistol. The first shots found their way into his own man, who inconveniently found himself in the line of fire. She pushed the body towards Greaser and moved in for the kill. Greaser panicked and blindly emptied his pistol at Tracer. He got lucky as his last shot went into Tracer's left leg. Tracer dropped to the floor in agony.
    "Who do you think you are, busting into the stronghold of the most dangerous criminal in the city? Assaulting my people while I'm right in the middle of an inquisition??
    "You arrogant bastard! You're not even slime!!", Tracer spat furiously at him.
    The sound echoed as Greaser slapped a new magazine into his pistol. "Too bad to waste such a pretty thing as yourself", Greaser said as he leveled his pistol at Tracer's head.
    "I'll kill you for this!!", shouted Duke as he came to and saw what was happening.
    The gun swept towards the bound man. This was all that Tracer needed. She swung her good leg around and kicked Greaser's legs out from underneath him. The pistol slid across the floor while Tracer dragged herself upright. Greaser came in for a running tackle, but she sent him headlong into a support girder. He shook his head and tried to keep the room from spinning. He rolled over, just in time to die as Tracer pulled the trigger of the lost pistol.
    "Thanks for the dance", she said as her shots echoed through the building.


Anthony heard the sounds of an electric pull up to the door of the garage.
    "Where you been? Cruising around in this new set of guns, I suppose?"... He stopped short as he turned and saw Tracer. "What the hell happened to you??"
    "You talk too much", Tracer scowled. "Shut up and get in. It's time for that test ride".


It's dangerous as it circles around, goading its prey. Sleek and sure that what it wants is what it gets. Just in case the competition is a little stiff, there's always room to escape. Test drive the Hot Rod Industries Vulture and taste the kill for yourself.
Vulture: Mid-size, x-hvy chassis, hvy suspension, large power plant, 4 Pr tires, driver, 2 HRs linked F, VMG in universal turret, Spear 1000 MD (B), hi-res computer, 4 10-pt LR wheel hubs, LR Armor: F35, B30, R30, L30, T30, U20. Acceleration: 5, HC: 3, Top Speed: 92.5 mph, 5,700 lbs, $20,040.
    XL version: remove SMD and linked HRs. Make armor sloped and fireproof. Change VMG ammo to HD. Add HD shocks, spoiler and airdam, and 180 lbs of jump jets. 5,760 lbs, $23,486.

As black as night, and as dangerous as they come, this van shows little of its true menace. However, the sight alone causes fear. Hot rod Industries presents the Grim Streeter, a rolling deathbed of power. To own this machine is to own the streets. Order yours today.
Grim Streeter: Van w/CA frame, x-hvy chassis, hvy/active suspension, super power plant, 6 solid tires, driver, BC (F), pop-up turret T w/ 3 MGs, HDOJ (B), vehicular computer, computer gunner, radar, radar jammer, radar detector, tinted/no-paint windows, HD shocks, HD brakes, anti-lock braking system, overdrive, 10 pts CA on driver, Sloped LRFP Armor: F32, B26, R20, L20, T30, U14. Acceleration: 5, HC: 2 (3 at 60 mph+), Top Speed: 95 mph (115 mph w/ OD), 7,195 lbs, $72,180.


"Is it safe?"

In this installment, we present several odd vehicles to herald the coming of Summer. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Carnival: 40' bus, x-hvy chassis, regular truck power plant, 10 PR truck tires, driver & gunner, 3 passengers, 4 MGs linked F, 4 MGs in universal turret TF, 3 linked SDs w/ explosive spikes (1 RB, 1 LB, 1 B), 2 hi-res computers, LD radio, flush-mount solar panel TB, deluxe galley, passenger accommodations (for 6), 5-space crew lounge, compact TV, hvy hitch, Armor: F71, B70, RF70, RB70, LF70, LB70, TF70, TB70, UF16, UB16. Acceleration: 2.5/5, HC: 1, Top Speed: 122.5 mph, 25,189 lbs, $93,970.
    Cargo Capacity: 411 lbs, 4 spaces.

Festival: 30' van trailer w/ QR hitch, x-hvy chassis, 8 PR truck tires, 3 gunners, 3 passengers, 4 MGs in universal turret TB, 3 linked SDs w/ explosive spikes (1 R, 1 L, 1 B), 3 hi-res computers, LD radio, flush-mount solar panel TF, deluxe galley, passenger accommodations (for 6), 5-space crew lounge, compact TV, Armor: F55, B55, RF55, RB55. LF55, LB55, TF50, TB50, UF17, UB17. 16,909 lbs, $60,160.
    Cargo Capacity: 4 spaces, 411 lbs.

Warp 8-0: Sprint car, x-hvy chassis, active suspension, 8 spaces/800 lbs of rocket boosters B, 4 PR racing slicks, driver, 4 EWPs w/ 200 lbs of rocket boosters in each (R, L, T, B), 4 EWP ejectors, HD shocks, HD brakes, spoiler & airdam, links for all rocket boosters, Armor; F4, B4, R4, L4 T1, U1, Acceleration: up to 40 mph/turn, HC; 8 (9 at 60 mph+), Top Speed: 600 mph, 3,836 lbs, $34,470.

Warp 9-I: Can-Am, x-hvy chassis, active suspension, 16 spaces/1,600 lbs rocket boosters B, 4 PR racing slicks, driver, 4 EWPs w/ 200 lbs of rocket boosters in each (R, L, T, B), 4 EWP ejectors, HD shocks, HD brakes, spoiler & airdam, links for all rocket boosters, Armor: F5, B5, R5, L5, T1, U1. Acceleration: up to 40 mph/turn, HC: 8 (9 at 60 mph+), Top Speed: 590 mph, 5,374 lbs, $40,978.

Warp 10-Y: Indy car, x-hvy chassis, magnetic suspension, 13 spaces/1,300 lbs rocket boosters B, 4 PR racing slicks, driver, 4 EWPs w/ 200 lbs rocket booster in each (R, L, T, B), HD shocks, HD brakes, spoiler & airdam, Armor: F2, B2, R2, L2, T1, U2. Acceleration: up to 40 mph/turn, HC: 9 (10 at 60 mph +), Top Speed: 612.5 mph, 4,700 lbs, $45,092

The three preceding vehicles are experimental designs which were used in the Speed Challenge held on March 18th, 2050.


In the beginning, there was Infantry, and there was chaos in the universe for the infantry was alone.. There were huge monsters and creatures which would devour the Infantry.
    And fear was with the Infantry and they cried unto the Lord saying "Lord, save us for we are so afraid". And the Lord hearkened unto their pleas, causing certain of them to be set upon beasts of burden, donkeys, and jackasses and mules. These the Lord called Cavalry.
    Then, the Infantry and Cavalry together cried unto the Lord saying "Lord, save us for we are so afraid". And the Lord thought, and saw the Infantry and Cavalry were as babes in the wilderness. In his mercy, the Lord made to allay their fears.
    The Lord spoke unto them saying "Lo and behold, for I bring unto you a noble race of me, keen of eye and wit, with great strength of head and heart and hand, and with courage and spirit undaunted. These shall be called Artillery."
    And the Artillery shall light the dark of your night and you shall tremble before them. For, when you require shot, they shall bring forth shot. And when you require shell, they shall bring forth shell. And when you require canister, canister and yet double canister shall they bring forth.
    And the Lord gave unto the Artillery to be their own, great pieces for field and siege and garrison, and mounted and horse and foot and flying, gun and mortar and huge iron balls wondrously wrought.
    The Infantry and Cavalry beheld these things and as sheep in the field they knelt down before the Artillery and their pieces. And the Lord was well-pleased.
    And the Infantry and Cavalry said "The Lord must surely love the Artillery to have given them such weaponry. And the Lord said from on high "This is true, for I do so love the Artillery."
    And now abideth in harmony Infantry, and Cavalry and Artillery. And the greatest of these is the Artillery.


Summer and the World Championships are almost here. Are we ready for them? The question should be "Are they ready for us?" Mike Garrity will be defending his WDC title at Gen Con in August. Will he be successful? We shall see.
    Next issue, we will again cover what's going on in the world of dueling. There will be more Nuts & Bolts, NOVA Files, new items and vehicles. One never knows what we'll do next.

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