NOVA's Quarterly Newsletter

Volume 10,  No. 2

Spring 2046

"The Long Hot Summer Continues"

Opening Fire

Clouding the air this issue are some events from last issues (as well as the debris from those events...). DKI has been hit hard, the Industrial Park is a shambles, Los Disneys is a parking lot -- the hits just keep on coming. On the plus side, the rest of New Omaha is being rebuilt at a faster-than-expected clip.
    NOVA is preparing for its annual trip to GenCon -- and this time, we're running the AADA Racing Championship. Time to put up or shut up. Joy.

The World Out There

Finally -- after all these years, NOVA can say it made a difference. Thanks to our efforts, not only have the rules for the AADA Racing Championship been rewritten to prevent "Gunboat" tactics, but our own Norman McMullen will be running the event.
    This makes up for years of insult heaped upon NOVA by The Gang Of Four (Blankenship, Oines, Searle, Sheeley) -- for examples, read anything they have published relating to New Omaha. Fortunately, between their blundering and our persistence, the way is clear for us to rectify the damage done CAR WARS by those four fools.
    For the past 11 years, NOVA has tried to bring clarity to the CAR WARS picture, including the maneuvering behind-the-scenes. Good or ill, we've seen it; if we tried to write it all down, we'd have a novel that makes War & Peace look like a comic book. We haven't agreed with all of what's happened, and have tried to rectify the problems -- and up until recently, those efforts usually were stomped flat. Well, now it's our turn. Let's just hope we can put our money where our mouth has been.
    Nathan Stilwell (formerly "Leadfoot") recently sent us a download from his "Carz" Web page -- a slightly modified version of CAR WARS with some GURPS stuff included. It is at: And soon NOVA's Web page will be up and running. It will contain all manner of new devices and vehicles, as well as old Nightmessengers. When it is ready, we will publish the http for it.
    Project update: The 2046 NOVA Works Catalog will be ready in July; the Midwest Vehicle Registry will be ready for GenCon. Other projects will be announced later.

NOVA Works

Light RR: $1,000; 150 lbs.; 1 sp.; 10 shots; CPS 20, WPS 2.5; Loaded cost: $1,200; loaded weight: 175 lbs.; To-Hit 7; Damage: ld6 (burst effect). May use HEAT and HESH ammo.

Light GG: $5,000; 150 lbs.: 1 sp.; 10 shots; CPS 25, WPS 5: loaded cost: $5,250; loaded weight: 200 lbs.; To-Hit 6; Damage: 1d6 (area effect).

Medium GG: $7,500; 225 lbs.; 2 sp.; 10 shots; CPS 35, WPS 7.5; Loaded cost: $7,850; loaded weight: 300 lbs.; To-Hit 6; Damage: 2d6 (area effect).

Weapon-Stabilization Harness: $5,000; 15 lbs.; 0 GE [worn]/6 GE [carried]. This device is designed to carry a single hand weapon of up to 6 GEs. It is worn on the body: when worn, divide range penalties for the harnessed weapon by 3 (the system is not as effective as vehicle-mounted systems). This bonus applies regardless of whether or not the user is moving or stationary. The harness is destroyed if the wearer is hit by weapons fire.

Ammo Pack: $500 + cost of ammo; 1 lb. + weight of ammo; 6 GEs [loaded]. This item is designed to be used with the Weapon-Stabilization Harness. It can hold tip to two full loads of ammo for the harnessed weapon. The ammo feeds to the weapon on a linkless-feed belt system.

Choke Dust: Cost 3x base ammo load; weight 1.5x ammo weight. Used in smoke-firing weapons (SS, etc.); may be mixed with other loads. Functions as regular smoke: however, it' a gas-powered vehicle passes through the cloud, it loses 5% of its top speed for each 1/2" of dust it passes through. The affected vehicle will recover 5% of top speed for every second it spends in clear air. For every 20% of TS lost, roll on the Engine Critical Damage Table at -3; the engine suffers no actual DP loss. Choke dust affects pedestrians as tear gas, but at +3 to the die roll.

Ceramic Engines: Cost 2.5 times base engine; weight 0.7 times base weight. Gas engines only. Example: a 500 cid engine costs $19,500 and weighs 840 lbs. Engine modification cost/weights are based on these new stats.

10 O'Clock News

March 7, 2046: The CEOs of the major Midwest corporations released an open invitation to the unknown persons attacking DKI to discuss a "fair and equitable resolution to the conflict."

March 8, 2046: A DKI convoy was destroyed outside Milwaukee, WI. No reply has been made to the offer to mediate.

March 10, 2046: An apparent response to the offer of mediation was received from the terrorists. The message: "The die has been cast: the Tyrants must fall."

March 11,2046: A joint statement from the New Omaha corporations was released today stating, "We will be devoting our full attentions to finding these terrorists and bringing them to justice."

March 13, 2046: The first brace of terrorist-hunters from New Omaha headed out today. Strangely, since the announcement of March 10, the terrorists seem to have gone inactive.

March 15, 2046: Today saw a full-scale battle in the New Omaha Industrial Park, with large numbers of fatalities and mass destruction. A force of some 2,000 - 3,000 terrorists used four semi-trailer-sized truck bombs to shatter the outer defenses of DKI's New Omaha Industrial Park facility, then charged the facility. Overpowering the shocked defenders with their lightning attack, the terrorists then used DKI's own weapons against the main facility. Finally, when it looked as though troops from the Nebraska Volunteer Armed Forces, the terrorists destroyed their captured positions, killing themselves in the process.
    In under 30 minutes, the Industrial Park had been turned into a wasteland. The facilities of DKI were all but destroyed. ARC was severely damaged by spillover fire. Other NOIP denizens suffered varying levels of damage, but all have been at least half-damaged.
    Said NOPD chopper pilot Fiorello Russo, who observed the assault from his recon helicopter, "They were real clever about it -- blended in with the rush-hour crowd, using buildings as cover against the bombs. I've always wondered what the Tet Offensive looked like -- this must have been close."
    More information will be provided when it becomes available.

March 17, 2046: DKI stock values plunged to record low levels as investors attempted to distance themselves from the crippled giant. Said one, "I have a family -- the last thing I want is to see them blown to Hell by some group of maniacs only because I own shares in DKI." DKI stocks bottomed out at $22.19/share.

March 19, 2046: The apparent location where the bomb-trucks used in the assault on NOIP were constructed was found; it was an unused warehouse in northeast New Omaha. Various tools and chemicals for making and detonating explosives were located and matched to the bomb residue found at the DKI facilities.

March 23, 2046: A failed effort by Los Disneys authorities to remove and destroy a computer virus resulted in the city's destruction by conventional-warhead cruise missiles and EMP bombs. Reports from Los Disney's indicate that LDSS computer experts attempted to create a counter-virus; when the counter-virus was introduced, however, it synergized with the original virus, and the new construct began attempts to escape LD proper. At this point, the city was subjected to a barrage of missiles and bombs from warships offshore and dirigibles loitering nearby. Fatalities reached into the thousands, and injuries were well into the tens of thousands. The US Government justified its actions by stating. "We destroyed Los Disneys to save Florida, and possibly the rest of North America. The blame for not evacuating the city lies with the city fathers." Some are accusing the Government of "assassinating an entire city".

March 25, 2046: The prosecution of Budget Motors/Sabre Motors/Imperial Motors rested its case. Court watchers indicated that "the prosecution's case seemed airtight."

March 27, 2046: DKI's legal team began its presentation.

April 2, 2046: In a surprise announcement, DKI has requested a hold on further court activities. An unnamed source stated, "DKI has figured out its position is untenable, and is giving up the fight."

April 3, 2046: Late today, DKI announced it had reached a settlement with Budget Motors, Sabre Motors, and Imperial Motors in their suit against DKI. Said Michael Knight, DKI's CEO: "After much negotiation, we have achieved a suitable settlement." Dollar values were not announced, but it is known that a formal apology from DKI to the other parties is part of it.

April 5. 2046: Michael Knight announced that Shadow-Walker has returned to DKI as Chief of Security. When asked why his arm was still in a sling, he replied, "It's broken." He refused to elaborate.

April 6, 2046: DKI donated $10 million to charitable causes today. Said Michael Knight, "We had to liquidate some of our resources -- but better we do it than someone else."

April 7, 2046: Michael Knight announced DKI would "cooperate fully with local law enforcement", and help restore order to New Omaha.

April 9, 2046: DeathKnight was seen leaving New Omaha this morning. No one knows where it is headed.

April 15, 2046: NOVA celebrated its 11th Anniversary today with a party/convention at Aksarben Autodueling Complex. The arena floor was open to the public so the fans could meet New Omaha's most famous duelists. Joseph Ratner, Bill The Cat, The Recoilless Ranger, The Weasel, and Dr. Strange were among the notables in attendance.
    A retrospective of NOVA history in and out of the arena was shown. The City Fathers of New Omaha supplied a seemingly endless table of cake and ice cream to all. A day-long block party down in the Old Market was also run.
    The only incidents this day was a three way conflict between Psycho, No-Gun, and Detective Hammer. A few spectators were injured before the imposing presence of Commissioner Smith ended the fracas. Those involved had no comment.

April 21,2046: The terrorist-hunter teams finally returned to New Omaha, having failed to find those responsible for the disaster in the Industrial Park.

April 26, 2046: Amex Motors announced it would be unable to resume normal operations in NOIP until sometime ill June. arid that it would be temporarily moving to a facility in Lincoln, NE.

April 30, 2046: ARC announced its facility in NOIP would be out of commission until September.

May 1, 20.46: The following report came from Magnum Motors's PR department: 'today saw the strangest event anyone has ever witnessed. We [the main facility in Austin] had been commissioned to build a customized version of our celebrated Camel bus -- this particular one being equipped exclusively with energy weapons as well as the usual complement of autopilots, computer gunners, solar panels, extra batteries, and other such electronics. This design was intended to be totally self-sufficient. It would appear we succeeded -- too well. You see, we'd put all the gear and software in, connected the power leads, made it ready to go -- and when we switched it on for the owner, the damned thing cranked up the plant and drove right out the front gate!" Magnum Motors is requesting the assistance of roadgoers to help find this vehicle.

May 3, 2046: The escaped Camel was spotted in Bismarck, ND today. Speculation as to how it slipped through the Texas border stations is rife.

May 5, 2046: The Camel was spotted in Presque Island, ME, today. Media pundits are calling this vehicle "The Meandering Magnum", "The Questing Camel", and "Blunder-Bus".

May 8, 2046: The Saga of the Camel took an ominous turn today; the bus was spotted outside Seattle, WA, blasting all attacking cycle pack to dust. It slipped away with no visible damage.

May 13, 2046: The Camel was stopped in Key West, FL, today. This bus has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for slipping through border crossings and (now) toll booths; one wonders how it is doing this.

May 15, 2046: The Robobusters gang in Lincoln, NE, has announced it will "eliminate this mechanized menace once and for all." Several vehicles and a pair of aircraft departed Lincoln late this afternoon.

May 17, 2046: The Camel annihilated the infamous Gassers marauder gang in a pitched battle outside Columbus, OH, today. The Gassers's trademark nerve-gas rockets availed them not against the unmanned bus. Said one city official, "Well, I guess we have to pay the $250,000 bounty -- but who do we make the check out to, and how the Hell will it sign for it'?" Pursuers of the Camel have been warned that the Camel is splashed with nerve gas, and could be dangerous.

May 18, 2046: Early this morning, the Camel drove into a heavy rainstorm. Since the nerve gas it was attacked with could be neutralized with water, some are speculating as to whether or not this bus has achieved sentience. Computer experts do not believe so, but are at a loss to explain the bus's behavior.

May 19, 2046: The Camel was sighted outside the old Best Brains Studios complex in Eden Prairie (near Minneapolis), MN. It remained there for nearly an hour, idling, then drove away.

May 20, 2046: $250,000 vanished from the Columbus, OH, Bounty Payment Fund. The perpetrator is unknown.

May 21,2046: The Robobusters finally caught up with the renegade Camel on Interstate 40 near the AZ - NM border. In a 5-minute running gunfight, the Camel shot down both Robobuster aircraft and destroyed all but two of the ground vehicles, while taking minor damage.

May 22, 2046: Las Vegas's oddsmakers officially rate the Camel's chance of surviving its sojourn at 1 in 6.

May 25, 2046: The Camel appeared in Las Vegas, NV, today. Somehow, it managed to get its damaged armor repaired by a local garage, paying via wire from a blind account in Bern, Switzerland. Said one Magnum Motors rep: "This thing is scaring me."

May 25, 2046: The Camel passed through Lincoln, NE today. It stayed only long enough to destroy a pack of Robobusters, then headed west.

May 26, 2046: The Camel was spotted in Belgrade, MT, today. According to the Montana State Trooper who sighted it. it was "traveling at an unreasonable and imprudent speed."

May 28, 2046: The Camel appeared in Springfield, MO, this morning. It "shot the hell" out of the 1st Missouri AutoDuel Division's main office before leaving town. Locals applauded the machine's good taste.

May 29, 2046: The Camel was spotted near the Indianapolis Raceway Park, in Clermont, IN, then near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in New Indianapolis.

May 31, 2046: In an odd turn of events, tile Wandering Camel appeared at the Magnum Motors facility in Austin, Republic of Texas. It was completely powered down, but its batteries and plant were at 100% capacity; its armor was scuffed, but unbreached. A full search produced no signs of human operation or presence. According to witnesses, the only system operating on the Camel when it was found was the stereo; said the Magnum Motors rep: "It kept playing the same song over and over -- Queen's "I Want To Break Free."

Convention Calendar

Origins '96: July 4-7 in Columbus, OH. Site of the World Dueling Championship.

GenCon '96: Aug. 8-11 in Milwaukee, WI. Site of the World Racing Championship. NOVA will be running this, the Midwest Racing Championship, It Came To Milwaukee (Norm has really outdone himself when it conies to nauseating-looking varmints this time), and the Hot Asphalt Circuit (gasp, puff, pant, heave). Gamemasters will be running IROC 3D again.

NukeCon 5: September 28-29 in Omaha, NE. NOVA will run an event.

Movie Releases

June: Eraser (Ahhhhhnahhhhld blowing stuff up again....)
July: Independence Day (Ivanova was wrong -- BIG boom today)
Now Playing: Spy Hard (and you thought we were screwy), Twister (proving that no amount of special amount of special effects will cover for a lack of plot); Mission: Impossible (Plot: Invisible; Acting: Unlikely; Lunch: Coming up)

Nuts & Bolts

Suspension Damage in CAR WARS: I've watched enough races to known that running one's car into someone/something is not healthy for one's suspension. Yet, racecars can plow through things from now 'til their armor fails. Something's not quite right here. Hence:
    A vehicle has suspension points equal to its "integral" HC (its normal listed HC, minus the effects of tires, spoilers/airdams, etc.; in short, the HC given by its suspension) subtracted from (6). Example: A Can-Am has [5-(-6) =] 11 susp. points. This is for wheeled and tracked vehicles only.

Losing suspension DP: Weapon hits -- lose 1 DP for each die of damage done to the Underbody which comes up "6". If weapon is non-burst-effect, lose 1 DP for each 2 "6"s (keep track of "half-hits"). Collisions -- lose 1 DP for each "6" rolled.

Effect of DP loss: Reduce max. HC by 1 per DP lost. Remember, this damage also affects HC recovery.

Roll Cages and Confetti: Having a car disintegrate due to collision or massed gunfire is a bit excessive at 1 pt./50lbs. of vehicle weight, instead, if a vehicle takes that much damage, it becomes undriveable (the chassis is pretzeled). Also, at "confetti" level, roll cages fail; damage in excess of that level is taken normally. To completely destroy a vehicle, one must destroy every last DP on it (tires/treads/etc. excepted).

Revised Tank Guns: Tank gun damage is out-of-line with size. Thus:
HRR: 8d6 damage TG7: 10d6 damage TG9: 12d6 damage
TG10: 14d6 damage TG12: 16d6 damage TG14: 20d6 damage

Special Feature

As with any new development in the art of combat, cybernetic parts did not stay invulnerable for very long. What could not be superseded was sabotaged, and thus were viruses developed. Cyber-viruses are chiefly "black-market" products, but may be available openly in lawless areas, They are expensive even in "generic" form; "tailored" viruses can be as expensive as the cybers they are designed to infect.
    Cyber-viruses are created in laboratories; they come in three basic varieties. Some are "code-only", like typical computer viruses. Some are "organic", doing harm through chemical changes induced in the body. And, of course, there are "combos" of the above (mixed organic and code).
    While most viruses can be removed by a specialist (1-5 on ld6), "combos" require more expertise (1 -3 on ld6). Thus, "combos" cost 25% more than their "pure" counterparts. If an attempt to remove a virus fails, the infected unit may be replaced with a different type of unit or removed (installing a new unit of the same type as the old would cause the virus to pass on to the new part). If more than one specialist is attempting to remove the virus, each person attempting gets a chance.
    Methods of infecting the target vary depending upon the virus type. Price is also varied by the method of infection. Most methods will work for all viruses, but programming a virus (by skill tape or regular programming) can only be done with the Programmed type viruses.
Infection Method % of base cost
Inhaled/Topical +100
Ingested +50
Injected standard
Programmed -25
Surgical Implant -50

Most cyber-viruses do not take effect immediately; time is needed for the viruses to corrupt the unit. "Designer" viruses may take effect immediately, but also cost more. Time-delay and effect on price are listed below:
"Immediate" (roll on chart below) +150
24-hour +100
1 week standard
1 month -25

"Immediate" effect time chart (ld6): 1: 1 second; 2: 10 seconds; 3: 1 minute; 4: 5 minutes; 5: 1/2 hour; 6: 1 hour

Effects are many and variable, since cyber-units come in many forms and viruses must be created to corrupt that type of unit. Some common effects are listed with prices for that type of viruses. When pricing "designer" viruses, use these as a base, increasing price with capacity for harm. It is suggested that when inventing viruses, one should write up a detailed description of the effects and stats. Include general virus type, infection method, time of effect, the specific cyber-unit to attack, and the complete effect including whether or not the damage is repairable.

1: Reroll for rejection every time the cyber is used. If cyber is used "constantly" (armor, etc.) roll once per week. Rejection is as standard for cyber-units. Once infected, the unit must be replaced ( repair impossible). $10,000.

2: Nerve impulses blocked, causing cessation of operation. Block may be 50% or 100%, making the part unusable either part or all of the time. If a cyberbrain is inaccessible for 5 minutes and cyborg is not placed on life-support, it dies. This virus type may be removed through medicine, surgery, or reprogramming. $10,000.

3: "On-off' impulse generation, causing part to twitch, expose/retract/, etc. Cyber brains, exoskeletons, and such are unaffected. Removable. $6,000.

4: General overload, melting electronic components, causing part to cease functioning and lose 1/3 of DP (if DP 0, part is destroyed). Neurological damage (possibly permanent -- 25% chance; 75% chance if part infected is brain-related), causing twitch which reduces CRD by (1d6/2) levels, affected parts must be replaced. $20,000.

5: Memory erasure (brain-related parts only) at ld6 skill levels (1d6 x 10 points) per week until cured. If skill levels reach -4 (-40 skill points), cyborg is in vegetative state. Virus is removable; if subject was ever in vegetative state, 25% chance of ever returning to conscious state, and takes 2x normal cost to learn skills. $10,000.

6: "Custom" viruses can be made; first, determine part to attack, then designate appropriate effect. Usually brain-related parts cause "insanity"; limbs are made to attack their owner. These can be removed, but insanity can linger after removal. $10,000 - $30,000.

A chink in one's armor does not preclude the owner from padding that area a bit. Viruses are uncommon, but cyborgs are ready for them. Countermeasures are expensive, but owners find them worth the expense. WellTech of New Omaha produced the first countermeasures; some examples are listed below:

BUGSCAN: Diagnostic tool linked to cyber. Detects viruses on 1-5 (ld6); if virus is detected, an alert signal is sent to cyborg's brain: this usually gives the cyborg time to have the part vetted. $5,000.

BUGSCAN XT: As above, but reduced to a skilltape for cyberbrains. $6,000.

VIRAL IMMUNIZATION: A shot which protects recipient from most inhaled, ingested, injected viruses; on a 2 (2d6), the virus slips through (roll upon infection). If virus fails to it cannot try again. $1.000.

BUGSTALKER: Program installed with unit which hunts down and kills (1-5 on 1d6) programmed and/or implanted viruses. Cannot be retrofitted. $15,000.

DE-LOUSING: Medical procedure sweeps for viruses. For each $100 spent (up to $3000 for one sweep), there is a 3% chance that a virus will be detected. Once detected, the specialist may attempt removal.


Pesticide: Poison gas.
Pesticide Special: vehicle designed to carry poison gas; alternately, any task-specific ped killer.
Pesticidal Maniac: Driver of above.
Waffled: Run over by tracked vehicle (named for distinctive track pattern on corpse).
Minute Steak: Run over by heavy vehicle (minute steak are very thin).
Blender: Vehicle with scythecaps (wheelhubs with blades).
Sewing Machine: Gauss Gun (shoots lots of needles).
DOA (Dead On Arrival): Vehicle with arena lifespan of <5 seconds.
Spray-and Pray: Expending ammo/power in order to build a To-Hit bonus.
Brain Surgery: Head-shot with heavy weapon.
Toe Popper: Anti-personnel mine (explodes when stepped on).

2046 Vehicle Guide Update

2046 ltal Works Yellowjacket: Subcompact; X-Hvy. chassis; Hvy susp.; small PP w/PC & SC; 4 PR tires; driver. ML front; SWC (ML). Armor:. F 25; L 25; R 25; B 25; T 6; U 6. Accel. 5; Top Speed 90; HC 4; 2,760 lbs.; $9,882.

2046 Mitsui Bodyguard: Luxury: X-Hvy. chassis; Hvy susp.; large PP w/SC; 4 solid tires; driver. 3x SD linked (1 ea. B, L, R); 3x ext. mag. (1 ea. SD); HDPS (B); ext. mag. (HDPS); link (HDPS - SD link); streamlining; overdrive. Sloped Armor: F 40; L 40: R 40; 13 90; T 42: U 12; 2 10-pt WH (LF, RF): 2 10-pt. WG (BL, BR). Accel. 5 (2.5 w/O-d); TS 90 (1 10 w/O-d); HC 3; 6,595 lbs.: $18,208.
    Option: Add Explosive and/or Incendiary ammo to SDs and mags, 3 mag switches ( 1 ea. SD)), $20,758.

The Showroom

"DKI Automotive announces the release of the SuperFighter, the most heavily-armored car ever built. It strikes an excellent balance between firepower and protection, being almost invulnerable to most kinds of attack, while maintaining the ability to severely damage its targets. There is no easy way to defeat this vehicle." (Note: the primary model's rear quarter is vulnerable.)

SuperFighter: Luxury (CA-frame); X-Hvy. chassis; Hvy. susp.; 150 cid engine with BP, TH, VPT; 5-gallon dueling tank; 4 FPPR radial tires; driver. BC w/HESH ammo (F); ext. mag. (BC - HEAT*); mag. switch {BC); FOJ (B); ext. mag. (FOJ); HSS (U); 2 pairs linked IcD/OD w/ BT (1L, 1R); HRSWC (BC); radar detector linked to radar jammer; 9 LR-Webs (F, L, R, B, T, all 4 WG); tinted/no-paint windows; 3x 10-pt. FPCA (driver, engine/fuel tank, BC/mag); 4 FkWG; 4 FkWH. Sloped armor (metal/plastic): F 18/50; L 10/20; R 10/20; B 0/60; T 0/10; U 0/11. Accel. 10; Top Speed 70; HC 4; MPG 45; 6,598 lbs.; $54,541.
    Option: Remove LRWs, 1 pt. plastic armor; replace FOJ, FOJ extra mag., and SS with 3 linked SDs w/Inc, ammo (l ea. B, L, R). $52,535.
*: In arena duels, the HEAT would be replaced with HESH; HEAT is illegal in arenas.

Buzz-saw: Sleeper Longnose Tractor; X-Hvy. chassis; Hvy. susp.; super truck PP w/PC and SC; 10 solid tires; driver, gunner. 2x VMG in universal turret, AC (F); 3x BT ( 1 ea. F, L, R); anti-theft system linked to 11 dischargers (7 flechette, 4 flame cloud); LD radio; 2x HRSWC; comp. nav.; radar; radar detector linked to radar jammer; HD/ABS; sleeping area; ext. driver controls; tinted/no-paint windows; towing Capacity: 75,800 lbs. FP Armor: F 50; L 45; R 45; B 40: T40; U 27; 6 10-pt. WG. Accel. 2.5/5; Top Speed 170; HC 0; 16,192 lbs.; $154,546.


"Look, see I told the city. I said, 'Nobody comes down here.' Postmen figured it out. Policemen figured it out. But the goddamned bus drivers just-- wouldn't--listen." -- Simon Phoenix, Demolition Man

"Clowns to the left of me/Jokers to the right of me/Here I am, stuck in the middle with..." -- "Stuck In The Middle With You" by Steeler's Wheels

"No good can come from this." -- The Brain, Pinky and The Brain

"Backing down can cause severe ego damage, backing up can cause severe tire damage."  -- 3rd Rock From the Sun

10: It's only a few more miles: I don't need to recharge.
9: Reload? Nah.
8: I can fix that armor breach later.
7: That's just duel haze; we aren't on fire.
6: I didn't ask you to fire the FOJ -- you didn't ...
5: He's a ram-car; he's no threat.
4: That's not a VFRP, that's an MML.
3: We're closing on the convoy's rear: close ranks!
2: Sure, I can jump those moguls.*
1: I'm gonna ram him... so what if he has a ram plate... no, I don't have one... CA-frame? No, I don't -- (careful look) -- oh, #*!?
* : This one actually' happened!
-- Chris French

Cube Logs

Mortal Combat: Lord Rayden (Christopher Lambert, of Highlander fame) and Shang Tsung run a tournament called Mortal Combat; the winner will rule the Earth. The best warriors compete; among these are Liu Kang (Robin Show), Johnny Cage (Linden Ashby), and Sonya Blades (Bridgette Wilson). Flashy special effects and odd martial arts moves dominate this film. A good movie for escaping reality, but lacking substance (or plot, or much else). Based on the video game of the same name. *

Broken Arrow: This high-speed adventure film revolves around two bomber pilots -- one good (Christian Slater), one loony (John Travolta) -- chasing each other, after Travolta's character steals a pair of nukes. Quick action, but a bit repetitive; also, some scenes are overly protracted. Four helicopters die for no good cause. Bond does it better. **

Virtuosity: Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) and Dr. Madison Carter (Kelly Lynch) go after the VR Psychopathic Killer SID 6.7 (Russell Crome). A sort of cyberpunk It Takes A Thief. SID gets out of his computer and enters an android; he then kills at will, until the good guys take him out. This film asks the question, "What Makes A Killer Or Defines A Murder?" It has its Terminator aspect as well. ****

Desperado: Antonio Banderas stars in this surreal outlaw flick. Minimal plot: lots of gunplay. Since this film doesn't lake itself seriously, neither should the viewer. Good escape flick. ***

Closing Fire

Well, another one in the can. Next issue we'll feature our annual GenCon sojourn, with spotlights on the Racing Championships and the carnage therein. Doubt me not -- there will be carnage. They will learn the NOVA way of racing it' it kills them (and likely it will). Until next time. check your six.

Drive Offensively!
Norman McMullen Chris French
NOVA President NOVA Vice-President


Opening Fire: Norman McMullen

NOVA Works:
    Michael Garrity: Weapon-Stabilization Harness, Ammo Pack
    Tim Jacques: Choke Dust, Ceramic Engines
    Norman McMullen: Light RR, Light GG, Medium GG

l0 O'Clock News: Chris French, Norman McMullen

Nuts & Bolts: Chris French, Norman McMullen

Duelslang: Michael Garrity

Cyber Viruses: Cheryl Stevens

Quotes: Chris French, Norman McMullen

    Chris French: 2046 Bodyguard
    Michael Garrity: 2046 Yellowjacket, SuperFighter
    Norman McMullen: Buzz-saw

Typesetter: Chris French

Editor of this segment of The Almighty American Autodueling Almanac: Chris French

Get me a fire extinguisher; my keyboard's on fire! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! *BOOM!*

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